Who can win the World Cup?

The World Cup finally won the top 16 after a fierce group match! Who can take pride in the Jianghu, defeat all the heroes, and finally climb to the top of the Forbidden City to win the World Cup? The last eight knockout matches will be held tonight, so it’s better to make a little comment one by one according to the winning probability of the top 16.

The Netherlands:The Netherlands kept unbeaten in the group match, scoring five goals and only missing one, which is impressive. In fact, the current Dutch team gene has been transformed by Van Gaal, which is completely different from the previous passionate tulips that only know how to score goals. It knows how to defend, which is the most terrible part of the Dutch team. It is always embarrassing to be crowned with the glory of an uncrowned king. This Dutch team can probably go further. However, although the midfield and backcourt were strengthened, the front court, which was originally crowded with killers, was rather bleak. In the upper half of the region, there are strong enemies such as Brazil, Argentina and Croatia. It’s good to be in the top eight.

Championship index: ★★★

America: The majority of fans always have a prejudice that American football is not good. In fact, the United States team is a regular visitor to the World Cup. It has a lot of qualification times in the group. It ranks 16th in the world and is a strong team. Compared with basketball, football and ice hockey, it seems that American football is not dazzling enough, but its strength is enough to stand out from the crowd. In this group game, the American team won one game and drew two games to remain unbeaten. I’m afraid many fans did not expect it? However, the American team belongs to the recumbent player. It is not ambitious and ambitious, and it is difficult to support him to go too far because of the strong and weak style.

The prediction of the last 16 matches: The Netherlands wins the United States

Championship index: ☆ (half star)

Argentina: This is undoubtedly Messi’s last World Cup. In fact, God had given the King of Meiqiu a chance, but Agenyan missed it and narrowly defeated the German chariot. Nowadays, Messi is old and walks on the court. Demaria is old and not as brave as before. The group match was lost to Saudi Arabia for the first time, but it was reversed, achieving the miracle of Saudi Arabia. It shows that Agen’s weakness is really worrying. Quite a few plum fans look forward to the stars and the moon, hoping that Messi will win the championship. But don’t forget that Messi at his peak can’t do it, let alone Messi in his late career? It’s not easy for Nguyen to reach the last four.

Championship index: ★★★☆

Australia:It’s amazing that the kangaroo team can break through the tight encirclement. It is said that it is the first Asian team to qualify, but it is still in Australia after all, and has little to do with Asia. In the group stage, we won by two goals and scored six points. It was expected that we lost to France. The one who should have lost, the one who could have won. It wants to go further and needs more luck. The knockout match was the first to encounter Argentina, and the earth people would not believe it if they created miracles, but perhaps? Anyway, my lottery ticket is to buy it to win, hehe.

Championship index: ☆ (half a star)

Forecast of the last 16 finals: Argentina wins Australia

France. Who said that the defending champion group could not be qualified? Charms are used to break, records are used to create! Real Madrid can not create the legend of defending the Champions League? The French team is full of famous players and stars. Mbape is in the year of fighting. The gods block the gods and the demons block the demons. Jilu, Grizman and Denberra are well matched. There were fumbles in the group match, and Tunisia was defeated in the case of qualification. The key is the degree of unity and aggressiveness of the French team.

Championship index: ★★★★★

Poland:. If you meet France in the knockout, you can definitely go home on a plane ticket for Christmas. Levan has played a big role in the club, but he is not able to play in the national team because of the incompatibility between the midfield and the overall strength of the team, not to mention his old age.

Championship index: ☆ (half star)

Forecast of the last 16 matches: France wins Poland

England:In half a century, there has never been an English team so close to the World Cup. Youth is invincible and heroic. The average 27 year old English player should have a striker, a midfield player and a backcourt. His playing style is like the wind sweeping the clouds and mercury pouring down the ground, which makes his opponents fear. Under the leadership of Cain, Bellingham, Sterling, Mount, Forten and Rice are destined to make history. Let’s wait and see.

Championship index: ★★★★★

Senegal:This is the third time that an African team has participated in the World Cup. In 2002, it entered the top eight, and in 2018, the group did not reach the top. But today, Senegal, which entered Qatar as an African champion, shows an extremely tenacious style. The desire for victory and the pursuit of honor are encouraging the West African lion to go all out.

Championship index: ★

Prediction of the last 16 matches: England wins Senegal

Japan:Japan is the only light in Asia. In the group of death, Japan defeated the powerful German chariots in the first battle, and defeated the arrogant Spain in the last battle. Miraculously, they fought their way to the top 16 as the first in the group. The Japanese team won the respect and applause of fans all over the world. In the face of Croatia, the last runner up, can Japan continue to be a dark horse and create another historical success? Look forward to Japan’s entry into the top eight.

Championship index: ★ ☆

Croatia:. This is also the last World Cup of Modric. Let’s watch the performance of all kinds of strange gentlemen. It is estimated that the top eight are at most.

Championship index: ★★

Forecast of the last 16 finals: Japan wins Croatia

Brazil:. In the context of fewer and fewer football stars in the whole era, the overall strength of the Brazilian team has a rising trend. Neymar was injured in the first game, but it did not affect the group’s qualification. This makes Brazil more team driven. Although the names of Veneseus, Casemiro, and Risalizon are much lower profile than those of Ronaldo, Ronaldo, and Kaka Carlos, the first-class level is enough to make the opponents tremble. With the return of Neymar, the front court is more desirable. In comparison, the probability of France not winning is low in theory, while Argentina is old, Germany is out, England and Spain are still young, Belgium and Croatia are also on the decline. So this is the best chance for Brazil. What are you waiting for? If Brazil wins the championship, Neymar will be able to stand side by side with Mero!

Championship index: ★★★★★

South Korea: South Korea’s group ended its war against Portugal, narrowly escaped death in an incredible way, and directly ended the heroic dream of Suarez and other veteran Uruguayan generals. Although there are some paradoxes, this is football. Sometimes it is unclear. Sun Xingqian completed the redemption with his long distance assistance. But South Korea is not as popular as Japan. Facing Brazil, you can go home and eat pickles.

Championship index: ☆

Forecast of the last 16 finals: Brazil wins South Korea

Morocco:. Casablanca is destined to be recorded in history as it moves back and forth in the desert of Qatar. In the face of a bullfighter, you may not be able to create miracles. To buy a lottery ticket, you must buy Morocco.

Championship index: ★ ☆

Spain:Spain has created an era. And this era is not far away from 2022. It was ten years ago. That Spain is recognized to have defeated the invincible in the world. No matter who it is, the European Cup, the World Cup, the European Cup, for at least eight years, the world football world has bowed before the matadors. Now, the shadow of that era seems to be back. It is also exquisite in transmission and control, and can wield wine freely. It is like an expert of Tai Chi. The difference is that this Spain is more direct and sharp. 7: The best proof is the 0 win over Costa Rica. But sometimes it will suddenly short circuit and become confused. Maybe it is too young? Pedri, Garvey, Rodri, Torres, Morata, and Ascensio, under the leadership of Enrique, who can compete?

Championship index: ★★★★☆☆

Prediction of the last 16 matches: Spain wins Morocco

Portugal:Portugal is Ronaldo, and Ronaldo is Portugal. Undoubtedly, like Messi, the desire to win the last World Cup of Ronaldo is very strong, especially when Messi is chasing after him. Portugal really has the strength to win the championship. The younger generation, such as B fee, B seat and Felix, are in the golden age. Having won the European championship, the world championship is not so far away. We just need to walk more solidly.

Championship index: ★★★★

Switzerland:The sense of existence of European sabres is always weak. But anyone who dares to underestimate it must suffer heavy losses. It is powerful in internal power, not good at words, and not famous in the Jianghu. But it’s hard to say which one wins or loses when you carry a gun. More aggressive than the US team, but the results should be similar.

Championship index: ★★

Forecast of the last 16 matches: Portugal wins Switzerland

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