Why don’t young people give gifts to leaders now?

1. It’s useless to send it, and the power of leaders is also limited

Most people give gifts to their immediate superiors. Many times, your immediate supervisor’s power is also limited. She can’t decide her future and future.

So, if you give it away, it may not have any good effect. It’s not good to return to your boss and develop a problem of taking a card.

2. Some leaders are cronyist, and even if they give them away, they will give them away

At present, many leaders are also very persistent and do not lack their subordinates.

The purpose of other people’s work is to build their own circle and interest groups. People outside the circle will politely refuse even if you give gifts.

In the modern workplace, no one is short of things. What really makes the other party look up to you is always your true ability and value.

Why don't young people give gifts to leaders now?

3. Many units check very strictly. If you want to send it, the leaders dare not accept it

This is the current situation of many iron rice bowl units, and many leaders really reject gift giving,

Unfortunately, there are not many things and things to do, but my black hat is gone.

They don’t think it’s worth it. Moreover, most of the leaders are very wise. As long as the workers work hard, the leaders will not be completely blind.

4. The times are progressing, and the ideas of modern young people have changed, which is a good phenomenon

With the progress of the times and the continuous advancement of China’s socialist modernization drive,

As an old comrade who has been in the workplace for some years, the author clearly feels that the working atmosphere and competition mechanism in the modern workplace are much cleaner and more transparent than before.

Many young people in modern times have a very simple view of leadership, that is, a simple and pure working relationship.

Waiting for the leaders to leave work, there is obviously less chatter in the leaders’ offices all day long. Even the writers themselves feel that the workplace environment is much more relaxed!

Why don't young people give gifts to leaders now?

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