China Football Association big action! Chen Xuyuan’s promotion is imminent, and these three people are capable of serving as the new president of the Football Association

On February 1, Beijing time, the Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end. Many Chinese Super League clubs are preparing to regroup and prepare for the new season’s league. In this Spring Festival holiday, it is reasonable to say that both players and coaches should have a good chance to rest. At this moment, China’s football will be more peaceful. But that is not the case. Now Chinese football is not very peaceful. On the one hand, with the deepening of Li Tie’s case, from players to club bosses, from senior officials of the General Administration of Sport to senior leaders of the Football Association, people have been taken away, and among those who have been taken away, there are still many people who have been declared”suspected of serious violations of discipline and law” by the official, and they will face legal sanctions.

China Football Association big action! Chen Xuyuan's promotion is imminent, and these three people are capable of serving as the new president of the Football Association

On the other hand, due to the excessive pressure of public opinion from the outside world, in the face of the reports of some well-known media, the Football Association also launched a timely counterattack, especially for some contents disclosed by Ran Xiongfei, the Football Association publicly said that it would report. However, it seems that fans don’t buy into such behavior of the Football Association. Although some inside information reported by Ran Xiongfei has yet to be confirmed, for Chinese fans, it is the focus of attention to dig out the”dark forces” behind Chinese football as soon as possible. As for the authenticity of the content, it may not be the most concerned. Of course, the most troublesome thing for the Football Association is that while the Li Tie case continues to deepen and the pressure of public opinion continues to increase, the Taishan Mountain in Shandong Province has even exposed Dai Lin’s gambling event. For a while, the Football Association has been pushed to the forefront of public opinion. In the face of such a complicated situation, the Chinese Football Association is still the management department of football, and its way of doing things is really very smart.

China Football Association big action! Chen Xuyuan's promotion is imminent, and these three people are capable of serving as the new president of the Football Association

Just now, the Football Association has made a big move, and this move is a series. Let’s sort it out. In the face of doubts from the outside public about the Football Association and Chen Xuyuan, Du Zhaocai, the deputy director of the General Administration of Sports, the secretary of the Party Committee of the Chinese Football Association and the vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association, and Chen Xuyuan, the chairman of the Chinese Football Association, will lead the delegation to attend the general meeting of the Asian Football Association held in Bahrain. This action is obviously to tell the outside world that although Li Tie was taken away for censorship, the two Secretary-Generals of the Football Association were also declared”suspected of violating discipline and law” by the officials. Even before, some media reported that Chen Xuyuan played mahjong in the evening while accompanying the National Football Association, but as a member of the Chinese Football Association, Chen Xuyuan was not afraid of shadow distortion, and the official indirectly expressed that the Chinese Football Association had no problem. That is to say, regardless of the public opinion, Chen Xuyuan is not much involved, and should be reused.

China Football Association big action! Chen Xuyuan's promotion is imminent, and these three people are capable of serving as the new president of the Football Association

The fans who understand it are very clear that under such circumstances, the next Football Association will start the work of changing the term. Compared with the previous President Cai of the Football Association, he has been promoted to the position of Deputy Director of the General Administration of Sport through the change of term, so Chen Xuyuan’s promotion is also a matter of great probability. Perhaps at this moment, we should congratulate Chen Xuyuan as well as Chinese football. For another leader, just as the so-called one emperor and one courtier, Chinese football may have a different situation. So, if the president of the Chinese Football Association changes, who can take over? Personally, these three people have the ability to serve as the president of the Football Association.

China Football Association big action! Chen Xuyuan's promotion is imminent, and these three people are capable of serving as the new president of the Football Association

The first is Sun Wen, who is in charge of women’s football as the vice chairman of the Football Association. The progress of the Chinese women’s football team in recent years is obvious to all. It not only achieved the goal of many people staying abroad to improve the level of the national team, but also won the championship at one stroke in the Women’s Asian Cup. Sun Wen has made great contributions to the achievement of the Chinese women’s football team. As the saying goes, women are not as good as men. Since it is impossible for men to serve as the chairman of the football association, it is not impossible to replace women heroes. At the very least, let the Chinese men’s football team learn the women’s football spirit of the sonorous rose. The second is Fan Zhiyi. Careful fans will find out why Chinese football is difficult to carry out after so many presidents of the Football Association have been replaced, and even some of the policies introduced are a little funny. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that the president of the Football Association is not a professional football player, but Fan Zhiyi is a professional leader in the field of Chinese football. With his fiery temper and upright personality, perhaps Fan Zhiyi will serve as the president of the Football Association, and China Football Association will have a different scene.

China Football Association big action! Chen Xuyuan's promotion is imminent, and these three people are capable of serving as the new president of the Football Association

As for the third place, it is a bit surprising. He is Wang Jianlin, the most famous businessman in Chinese football. In fact, Wang Jianlin’s love for Chinese football is well known, and in the 1990s, Wang Jianlin has been involved in Chinese football. It can be said that among the owners of all professional teams, Wang Jianlin knows Chinese football best. So since Chen Xuyuan can serve as the chairman of the Football Association, why can’t Wang Jianlin? His military style and decisiveness in dealing with problems are what the Chinese Football Association needs most. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that Wang Jianlin has the ability to serve as the chairman of the Chinese Football Association.

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