How many hidden rules do you know?

1. Don’t fall in love or have a one-night stand with colleagues. You will regret it.

2. It’s easy to lose jobs if you don’t get too close to finance and procurement.

3. Don’t be the first to arrive at a company dinner, let alone move chopsticks first.

4. People should still learn to give gifts in the workplace, so that promotion and salary increase will be faster. Someone will always do this, which is the reality.

5. Leaders who say wrong words or do wrong things should take the initiative to bear the punishment, which is only temporary, but the promotion and salary increase will soon be their turn.

How many hidden rules do you know?

6. Don’t offend the unruly cleaning aunts in the workplace. They may be relatives of a leader, so they can be so confident.

7. When you encounter some mistakes in the workplace, you should pretend not to know if you can’t see them. This is the default.

8. Competence is important, but the relationship should also be in place. Even if the ability is insufficient, the relationship can be relied on. This will lead to some leaders with insufficient ability.

9. The leader’s words should be ostensibly matched regardless of whether they are wrong or not. People want this attitude, not your thinking and refutation.

10. The higher the salary, the more angry it will be. After all, being angry is also part of the salary. Even the boss will be angry with customers.

How many hidden rules do you know?

11. Don’t talk too much when leaders are present. If you talk too much, you will lose, which is not good for your work.

12. Under no circumstances can you offend those petty people in the workplace. The other party can have a low salary, but the relationship will be in place. On the contrary, you will suffer everywhere.

13. Don’t make friends with colleagues. They are only interested in cooperation. It is easy to turn against each other due to conflicts of interest, and it is fast.

14. When people see something they should not see in the workplace, they should pretend not to know and forget it, and say it is not good for themselves and their work.

15. Don’t talk about resignation everywhere, for fear that you will be despised and laughed at if you can’t leave, and you will be in a dilemma of having to leave.

How many hidden rules do you know?

16. Don’t be full of words in the workplace, for fear that the plan will not catch up with the changes, but will be your own face and lose the credibility of your words.

17. If you have a good job, don’t talk to your colleagues. They may take the lead and let you know what a social person is.

18. The company should leave the right to speak to the leaders for dinner, so that it will appear to be able to behave and not to talk too much, even if you treat yourself, which is beneficial to your promotion and salary increase.

19. Don’t tell your colleagues about family matters. They can’t give substantive help, but they are known by many people, so they are despised and laughed at.

20. When a colleague gets married, he or she should pay a red envelope for the reception. If he or she doesn’t come back, he or she should pay less. After all, reciprocity is the same principle, and he or she will not suffer.

How many hidden rules do you know?

21. If you go out to dinner with your colleagues and no one treats you, then you should advocate the AA system. You don’t owe favors or suffer losses. Instead, you seem to be a good person.

22. When you find a new job, don’t talk to your former colleague, because you are afraid that the other person has acquaintances in it. Instead, talk about your own mistakes, which is not conducive to your new job.

23. Don’t be ambiguous with the opposite sex in the workplace. It’s easy to lose money or lose jobs. After all, the company is so big, and there will be accidents.

24. Don’t say how good you are. There are always some colleagues who will be jealous or scheming, which is not good for you.

25. People are also not exposed to money in the workplace, or they are calculated or have been borrowing money, and fall into a very passive predicament.

How many hidden rules do you know?

26. If you don’t lend money to your colleagues, it’s just a matter of interest, and you’re not familiar with it. Sometimes if you don’t lend money and run away, you won’t get money.

27. When a colleague or himself leaves the company, don’t delete the colleague’s contact, for fear that he or she will be added back if he or she needs to be a colleague again. That would be embarrassing and impossible to be a person.

28. The leader should wait for a while after he finishes speaking, or he will suddenly want to say something again, that is, he is interrupting the other party, which is not conducive to work.

29. Don’t report to the superior in any case. This is to offend the two leaders at once, and the relationship between the two sides will be tense.

30. If you want to increase your salary, don’t take resignation as an example. If you are afraid of self-defeating, you will be allowed to leave. It is not worth the loss.

How many hidden rules do you know?

31. Every company has related accounts, which can only be seen through without telling. In fact, no one knows it, but it just acquiesces and does not speak, which is easy to offend people.

32. In the company, a group of people should not mix together all day. The leaders can’t tolerate such gang members, sometimes they are dismissed directly.

33. When you enter the company, you should see the labor contract clearly. Some companies will play word games. When you leave the company, you will know that you have suffered a great loss. You have no chance to repent.

34. Leave those companies that have no future as soon as possible. That will only make a little money. It will waste more time and end up in nothing.

35. Don’t talk about your own salary or inquire about others’ salary. That will only unbalance and make the leaders dissatisfied.

How many hidden rules do you know?

36. If you are in the workplace, you should know how to teach your apprentices to starve to death, and keep one hand to ensure that you are not unemployed.

37. The leader is suddenly enthusiastic about you. He doesn’t want to make friends, but rather wants to use human kindness and free use of you, and doesn’t mention salary increase.

38. Don’t let your colleagues know the results of your own work. Some people will really take the credit and let you know what is popular and realistic.

39. Learn to appropriately put the credit in the workplace on the leader. When he is promoted and paid, it will soon be his turn, and it will be better than before.

40. Don’t contradict the leader in public. Although you won’t lose your job, you will also be openly and secretly targeted and not afraid to know.

How many hidden rules do you know?

41. Leaving a company that only draws big cakes all day without raising wages early is just empty talk, leaving has no substantive significance.

42. Quit when you resign. Don’t take your colleagues with you. That will only make your reputation stink. No one in the circle dares to invite such a person, just be afraid to take someone away.

43. People can only rely on themselves rather than others in the workplace. They will be looked down upon, and it is easier to grow up if they only rely on themselves.

44. The more beautiful a woman is, the faster she will be promoted, which is much faster than ordinary people, and it is reasonable.

45. Stay away from colleagues who smile all day long. You can’t see through them, but they can see you in a smile. They don’t know and are passive.

How many hidden rules do you know?

46. Don’t dig people from the former company, even if it is urgent. No company likes such behavior, which is a taboo in the workplace.

47. If leaders do it themselves, they are bound to fail to achieve great things. Those promising leaders do nothing all day long.

48. It’s good to go to the company’s toilet more often when you have nothing to do.

49. When reporting important work, there must be a recording.

50. It’s a trick to invite leaders to dinner instead of colleagues.

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