Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister: a new round of negotiations is under way with Russia on the evacuation of personnel from the Asian speed steel plant

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister veleshuk said on the 12th local time that Ukraine is currently conducting a new round of negotiations with Russia on the evacuation of personnel from the Yasu steel plant. Representatives of the International Red Cross are contacting Russia to convey relevant information from Ukraine. At the same time, Turkey has agreed to participate in the coordination work

Veleshuk said that in addition to the members of the Asian speed battalion, there are also officers and soldiers of the Ukrainian armed forces, border guards and police personnel in the Asian speed steel plant. Ukraine hopes to sign a “ agreement on personnel evacuation with Russia; Roadmap ” And evacuate the seriously injured first

Source: CCTV news

 Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister: a new round of negotiations is under way with Russia on the evacuation of personnel from the Yasu steel plant

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