In 1962, the nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union was imminent, and a small officer protected the nuclear button, which made the whole world nervous

In 1962, the Soviet Navy submarine b-59 was discovered by the U.S. destroyer. The U.S. military threw a deep-water bomb for practice at the b-59. The Soviet officers and soldiers on the b-59 submarine were in a roaring explosion and violent turbulence for several hours. It’s like a person’s side is full of firecrackers lit with wires. Another more unbearable thing is that with the bombing of deep-water bombs, the sea temperature around the b-59 nuclear submarine reached 60 ℃ at the highest. Colonel Valentine was dazed by the high temperature and suffocation. He didn’t want to bear it anymore. The soldiers could not be killed or humiliated. When the US military teased them like this, did the Soviets dare not fight back? Do Americans not know that they have nuclear torpedoes on this submarine?

 In 1962, a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union was imminent, and a small officer protected the nuclear button to death, which made the whole world nervous

Why “ Tease &; The Soviet army, perhaps not only for deterrence, but also for revenge. Who let the Soviet Union ridicule first. But all this is due to the Americans’ own fault. The story starts with two u2s.

Under the guise of weather detection, U2 in the United States investigates the situation of various countries

U2 is a high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft specially designed by the CIA and manufactured by Lockheed company. It is not only the largest aerospace and defense contractor in the United States, but also a world-famous aerospace and aerospace company. During World War II, Lockheed grew up with arms orders. In the 1960s, 88% of Lockheed’s orders came from the US Department of defense.

 In 1962, a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union was imminent, and a small officer protected the nuclear button to death, which made the whole world nervous

The U2 reconnaissance aircraft has a total length of 15.11 meters, a height of 3.96 meters and a maximum flight altitude of 24000 meters. It can easily break through the Soviet air defense before May 1, 1960 and carry out reconnaissance; At the same time, it is equipped with a very high-resolution photography combination, which can take ground scenes up to 4300 kilometers and 200 kilometers wide in 4 hours of working time, and can develop at least 4000 clear pictures for intelligence analysis. It was once reported that the pictures taken by U2 could even see the license plate number of the Soviet army and the headlines in the newspaper.

Since July 1956, U2 was first called a weather detector by the CIA, but in fact, all the pilots are air force pilots who have officially retired from the U.S. military, and some even forcibly retired from the air force to become employees of Lockheed. American masloskin once wrote a “military history of the United States”, which clearly states that in 1959, all the photos taken by U2 will be sent to American intelligence analysts, bearing the exact source of 90% of the military development of the Soviet Union. Not only against the Soviet Union, Americans flew above the airspace of the Soviet Union, North Korea and China under the banner of meteorological detection to spy on what happened in other countries. In the 1960s, our army also often reported shooting down U2.

In December 1959, the Soviet Union established the strategic rocket army. The news made the White House uneasy. They urgently wanted to know what kind of big killers the Soviets had made, how many, where they were deployed, what the range was, what the model was, and so on. It’s about state secrets, and you can’t ask directly. No way, the U.S. military can only send U2 to inquire.

 In 1962, a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union was imminent, and a small officer protected the nuclear button to death, which made the whole world nervous

On April 28, 1960, US President Eisenhower approved a top secret aerial reconnaissance plan. To this end, US pilot Bowers flew to the US military base in Peshawar, Pakistan on April 27. However, the investigation plan was not smooth from the beginning, and the flight was delayed repeatedly due to weather reasons. However, the four nation talks on May 16 are about to begin. Eisenhower urgently needs to find out the details of the Soviet Union before this time, otherwise he will be very passive. So he gave Bowles a dead order to start in early May and make sure there were no mistakes.

At 6 a.m. on May 1, Bowles drove U2 from Baisha airport in Pakistan, crossed Afghanistan and entered the Soviet Union from Dushanbe. Based on the good results U2 has achieved all along, the US military has formulated an arrogant and adventurous flight plan this time, allowing Bowles to cross the whole Soviet Union, chulatan satellite and spacecraft launch site will be in his shooting range; After the investigation, Bowles will land at bode airport in northern Norway. The whole investigation process is expected to take up to 9 hours and need to travel 6100 kilometers.

However, U2, which has always been able to cross the Soviet air defense smoothly, was found by the Soviet army as soon as it reached the border this time. At that time, the defense minister of the Soviet Union made a military order to Khrushchev to fight U2 down. Some Soviet experts paid close attention to the U2 and quickly calculated its trajectory. The Soviet military immediately decided to send a T3 high-altitude interceptor and two MiG-19 fighter planes to intercept. In order to be as successful as possible, the Soviet Union also transferred all planes that might appear on the U2 route to land at the nearby airport.

 In 1962, a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union was imminent, and a small officer protected the nuclear button to death, which made the whole world nervous

Around 8 o’clock, Bowles and U2 arrived over the southeast of Darth vildelovsk. Major Voronov of the Soviet Missile Battalion ordered to launch “ Sam 2 ” Air defense missile; At 8:53, a missile exploded behind U2, and missile fragments hit the tail and wing of U2. The aircraft lost its working ability instantly, and Bowles chose to parachute. However, the Soviet army under high tension did not notice this situation. After Bowles escaped, he still fired missiles into the air. As a result, one of the Soviet MiG-19 was hit by a missile and exploded on the spot.

However, Bowles did not have time to inject poison into himself after landing, or he didn’t want to do so at all. In short, he was soon caught by nearby villagers and sent to Moscow. Khrushchev was greatly relieved at this time.

This U2, which Khrushchev regarded as a great humiliation, is now about to become a great humiliation for Americans. Although a plane carrying Moscow’s military experts and intelligence team arrived at the site of the accident when the plane crashed, the Soviets kept it a secret. The United States only knows that the plane lost contact.

On May 4, the uncontrollable president of the United States finally issued a notice, claiming that one of his high-level atmosphere research aircraft was missing due to the failure of oxygen equipment. The aircraft may be in Turkey or the Soviet Union. He asked the relevant countries to inform themselves in time after discovering the trace of U2. On May 5, Khrushchev said in his speech at the May Day parade that he shot down a U.S. U2 reconnaissance plane. After that, Khrushchev took out the photos of the pilot’s suicide injection, Bowles holding an old ruble and the wreckage of the plane. Bowles himself was charged with major espionage and sentenced to three years in prison and seven years of hard labour; Before that, Bowles explained everything.

While feeling humiliated, americans refused to admit that it was wrong to invade the airspace of other countries. Instead, they argued that it was necessary to use various means to collect information from different places in order to protect the United States and the free world from attacks.

 In 1962, a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union was imminent, and a small officer protected the nuclear button to death, which made the whole world nervous

The Soviet Union believes that this is a good time to force the United States to make concessions, otherwise there will be nothing to talk about at the four nation Summit on the 16th. But Eisenhower insisted on neither admitting nor apologizing. He said he could not bind the hands of Americans forever because of the success of a conference.

The matter was so settled that the Americans lost a reconnaissance plane; However, the Soviet Union also lost one, and has not won the face of the US apology. This tone can’t be swallowed. However, soon, the opportunity for the Soviet Union came.

The nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union is imminent, and the chief officer protects the nuclear button

On April 4, 1961, in order to overthrow the Castro regime just established in Cuba, US President Kennedy sent 1200 mercenaries to Cuba and named the code name of the operation “ Pluto;. Of course, the wealthy Americans have not only sent mercenaries, but also more than 19 warships and more than 20 fighters, including the newly developed B26 bomber. It can be seen that the United States is determined to clean up its own backyard and disobedient small countries.

Who knows, Cuba, despised by the Americans, actually carried the attack. It not only survived three days and nights, but also killed 114 US troops and captured 1113 people. This is the battle of the bay of pigs, also known as the battle of Jilong beach, which shocked the world. Castro was also a sober man. He resolutely asked the Soviet Union for help and allowed the Soviet Union to deploy ballistic missile bases and strategic bombers in Cuba.

The Soviet Union was very positive about this. After all, the United States had already deployed nuclear weapons in Italy, Spain, Britain and France. Cuba simply sent soft pillows to the sleepy Soviet Union. Moreover, the arrival of fro from Cuba to the United States is only 90 nautical miles. It is too late for the United States to launch a nuclear missile from Cuba.

 In 1962, a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union was imminent, and a small officer protected the nuclear button to death, which made the whole world nervous

From July to the end of October 1962, the Soviet Union delivered 41902 Soviet soldiers, 42 medium-range missiles, 42 MiG-21 fighters and 576 missiles to Cuba; Six of them are atomic bombs that can be invested with Il-28 light jet bombers. And four nuclear mines. Cuba has a total area of 100000 square kilometers, with a total of 24 “ Sam-2 ” Missile Battalion.

Let’s not say that Americans are reluctant to give up U2. The U2 reconnaissance plane was the first to find the abnormality in Cuba this time. As early as August 29, U2 noticed that many Soviet ships of unknown origin didn’t know what to transport between the Black Sea and Cuba; It has also found eight sam-2 ground to air missile bases in Cuba and MiG-21 fighter jets, a specialty of the Soviet Union. Worried about the recurrence of the powers incident, the United States suspended the regular investigation of sightseeing in Cuba once every half a month. When the investigation resumed on October 13, U2 was replaced by regular air force pilot Anderson. More than three U2 bombers have been built in Cuba for more than 28 months. Kennedy was shocked and adjusted the frequency of investigating Cuba to six times a day. On the 16th, Anderson piloted U2 and clearly photographed the Soviet ss-4 medium range missile over Cuba.

On October 22, 1962, Kennedy informed the American people of the deployment of missiles in Cuba. At the same time, the US military adopted extremely strict blockade measures against Cuba. Little Cuba was instantly surrounded by eight aircraft carriers and numerous warships. The United States demanded that the Soviet Union withdraw its nuclear missiles immediately, otherwise they would destroy Castro’s regime at all costs.

Khrushchev has also taken a cunning attitude towards the issue of Cuba’s nuclear missiles. First, he admitted that what he transported to Cuba was daily necessities and food, and then admitted that the powerful Soviet Union could support any peace loving country with our powerful rockets and explosive nuclear weapons.

At this time, Kennedy was strongly questioned by the domestic people. He must take a tough attitude to solve this matter. On October 24, the United States dispatched 90 warships, together with 68 air squadrons and eight aircraft carriers, forming a tight blockade thousands of miles long between Florida and Puerto Rico. At the same time, there is a US missile tracking station on Grand Turk island. On the 25th, the Soviet Union, which did not want to admit defeat easily, decided to send ships to test the US blockade.

 In 1962, a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union was imminent, and a small officer protected the nuclear button to death, which made the whole world nervous

As a result, three F-class conventional submarines and six small fleets of the Soviet Navy such as the b-59 came on stage, reducing the US Navy’s blockade to only 500 nautical miles and shooting down a US U2 reconnaissance aircraft. Then, the US army drove away the Soviet warships. The two sides did not yield to each other and entered the stalemate stage. But leaders on both sides clearly realize that once nuclear weapons are used, even if victory is won, the fruits of victory will only be ashes.

B-4, B-36 and B-130 have all escaped, and only b-59 is still struggling to support it. It needs to float up “ Ventilation ”, But the US military just won’t let it float, and the purpose is to force it to escape obediently. The blazing b-59 almost couldn’t help launching nuclear torpedoes to counterattack. You know, the four nuclear submarines before the operation have obtained the right to use nuclear torpedoes urgently without the instruction of the general secretary; But it still needs the consent of the captain, political commissar and chief officer. The major’s hands were on the button to launch the nuclear torpedo, but the chief officer Vasili firmly disagreed. He believes that once the nuclear torpedo is released, the US warships will lose a lot, but the US military will also attack the Soviet Union in retaliation; The Soviet Union is unwilling to show weakness and will certainly fight back. Is this what we all want to see?

The first mate returned to the Soviet Union and was given high priority and commendation. The Soviet Union withdrew missiles from Cuba, which is what the United States wants; The United States secretly withdrew missiles from Turkey, which was also what the Soviet Union wanted. Only Cuba wanted to fight the United States to the end, but the Soviet Union could not afford to play.

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