What do you think is the most embarrassing thing about middle-aged people?

1. The sexual function has declined. I would rather do housework at night than go back to the house with my wife. I don’t like to see beautiful women on the road, and women can’t be ignored no matter how beautiful they are.

2. If you have no money in hand, you have no family status. Your wife complains and even the children look down on you.

3. If you want to drink and smoke, you have to look down on your wife’s face. You can only take advantage of the opportunity to buy vegetables and pull out the money for a box of cigarettes. Drink only by rubbing.

4. Work in the company is not satisfactory, promotion is hopeless, there is no way to raise salary, resignation is not dare, colleagues do not like it, leaders do not like it, and work is stifling and suffocating.

5. Don’t dare to participate in the reunion, for fear that the students will see their failure in middle age and be laughed at by the students. Especially when I saw a female classmate on the road, I felt guilty and walked around with my head down.

6. I’m afraid of going to relatives during the New Year holiday. I’m afraid of relatives asking about things, people asking about income, people asking about buying a house, people asking about when to buy a car, and even more afraid of comparing with children, where to go to college, when to graduate, whether to find a job, whether to have a girlfriend, and I can’t compare with them.

7. Don’t go out at ordinary times, afraid of meeting acquaintances. During the Spring Festival, I also stayed at home and didn’t dare to travel. It was not that I didn’t want to, but I didn’t have money in my pocket.

8. I don’t like reading books or newspapers. I like to play mobile games. I play chess on the Internet and fight against landlords when I have nothing to do. I win with pride, and when I lose, I swear, but I am online. Nobody knows me, and I’m not afraid of being beaten.

9. Don’t care about hygiene, don’t change underwear and underwear frequently, have a shaggy beard, wash your hair when it smells, and don’t like to polish your shoes when they are dirty.

10. He became irascible and angry for no reason. He always wanted to fight with someone, but he dared not to fight, for fear of being beaten in vain.

11. The concept of kinship has faded, and we are no longer dependent on our parents and filial piety, for fear that our parents will be in hospital and drag us down.

12. There are no hobbies. First, there is no time. Second, there is a decline in interest. Third, there is no money to play.

13. I like to be alone, leaning against the wall to bask in the sun, watching people and cars coming and going in the street, squinting my eyes, feeling the prosperity of the world, full of envy, jealousy and hatred, talking to myself, and self-pity.

14. I always think of myself when I was a child, and always fantasize about going back to the past. If life can be repeated, I will never choose the present life.

15. I am sick, sick and weak. I am afraid of going to hospital and dying, but I am afraid of being ill in bed and living is worse than death.

16. He is no longer kind. He is irritating and laughing. He is jealous when he sees someone who is better than himself. He is looking forward to someone else’s accident. It is better to have his family destroyed. Laugh at those who are worse than themselves and bully them.

17. No longer have passion, no longer curious, no longer dare to start a business, fear of unemployment, live cautiously, live humbly, and die like a dead man.

18. Become lazy, do not like to work, do not like to worry, can lie down and never sit, love to sleep late, do not love to get up.


When you reach middle age, everything is difficult. If you cross this threshold, you may meet the second spring of life.

Once you sink, decadent, and lie flat, there is really no hope in life. It’s not far from the old man to get old before he gets old.

What do you think is the most embarrassing thing about middle-aged people?

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