The big fish ran away? The Ukrainian army suddenly surrendered collectively! The Russian army may draw water with a bamboo basket

The departure of the Asian speed camp from the steel plant is the result of the compromise of the tripartite game between Russia, Ukraine and NATO. There may be “ Big fish;, But if Russia really catches these big fish, even if the two sides tear their faces, it is not easy to go down the steps. After all, the situation has not deteriorated to that extent. The current approach is acceptable to all parties. Finland and Sweden suddenly asked to join NATO. It has to be said that it is a good move to exchange something out of nothing. The cost is terrible, but Russia has to believe it.

 The big fish ran away? The Ukrainian army suddenly surrendered collectively! The Russian army is empty

There is a saying that Ukraine used the Ukrainian army of steel mills as bait to drag the Russian army. In this way, we can maximize the acceptance of Western equipment and establish new defense lines and armies. In other words, there was no big fish in the Ukrainian army of the steel factory, but it was just a bait thrown out. At present, this statement is very likely.

 The big fish ran away? The Ukrainian army suddenly surrendered collectively! The Russian army is empty

Another possibility is to throw away the burden &mdash— Drive out the sick and the weak willed, leave the limited resources to the key figures, and let them hold on longer to wait for change and look for opportunities. If so, it means there are big fish in it. The underground network of this steel plant is very complex and huge, which can be maintained for such a long time. It is the wounded who come out to treat the injury, not the intact soldiers, so hundreds of people are far from the end. The problem is to find the inlet and outlet, and pour carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide into the pressure test. It’s not too late to insist for another month. It’s too early now.

 The big fish ran away? The Ukrainian army suddenly surrendered collectively! The Russian army is empty

Many netizens feel that the big fish has been caught, but there is no official announcement, the timing of the negotiation is not mature, and neither side has publicity. If the escape is successful, the western media will not remain silent and will publicize in a big way. Putin has a strategy to achieve the current situation. No wonder that for such a long time, it was only a siege, and there was basically no strong attack, that is, it reduced the casualties of the Russian army, and the ultimate goal was basically achieved. You played a good chess!

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