How far is the difference between ordinary people and professional athletes?

Ordinary people have neither talent nor time to train

Third, there is no professional guidance, fourth, there is no money to buy equipment, and fifth, there is no nutrition to keep up with… So the level gap is basically equal to: ordinary weak chicken

Outstanding talent+more than ten hours of concentrated training every day+guidance from top coaches+complete logistics support+top equipmentcan create an excellent professional athlete

The world record for the high jump is 2.45 meters. It’s about the height of the ceiling lamp in an ordinary home

How far is the difference between ordinary people and professional athletes?

The world record for pole vault is 6.16 meters, which is equivalent to the height of the highest window on the second floor

How far is the difference between ordinary people and professional athletes?

The 10-meter platform is equivalent to jumping from the 4th floor

Add various degrees of rotation at the same time

Finally, vertically enter the water head down and press the water spray

How far is the difference between ordinary people and professional athletes?

Marathon world record 2 hours, 2 minutes, 57 seconds, 42 kilometers

It is equivalent to about 1 km, 2 minutes and 55 seconds

Physical test standard for college students, 3 minutes and 17 seconds for 1000 meters

How far is the difference between ordinary people and professional athletes?

In Olympic archery, athletes are 70 meters away from the target and the diameter of the bull’s eye is 12.2 cm

It is equivalent to standing in the restricted area of the football field,

Shoot an apple in the restricted area opposite the football field

The pull of men’s bow is 50 pounds, more than 40 jin

How far is the difference between ordinary people and professional athletes?

Men’s 56kg clean and jerk around 165kg

Equivalent to a small man weighing 112 kg

Lift 8 barrels of water at one time

How far is the difference between ordinary people and professional athletes?

Bell, the fastest runner in football, scored 10.37 in 100 meters

More than 0.35 seconds slower than Su Bingtian of China,

At the slow peak, Bolt ran nearly 0.8 seconds and 100 meters,

Bolt can swing Bell more than 10 meters

How far is the difference between ordinary people and professional athletes?

The fastest professional player of E-sports,

About 560/minute, equivalent to 9 operations per second

How far is the difference between ordinary people and professional athletes?

The professional snooker player can clear the table in one stroke…The rocket can clear the table in six minutes…The American style billiards in the ordinary billiards hall, a person can play up to eight balls, and it is already fast to play a set in five minutes.The ordinary snooker can make two or three strokes in a row is very good

How far is the difference between ordinary people and professional athletes?

So, if you have perseverance, check and fill in the gaps by yourself.

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