What is it like to earn thirty or forty thousand yuan a month?

My husband used to earn 20000 to 20000 yuan a month. At home, he was Yuxi, and outside, he was Lanlong. People said that he was under 15 yuan.

My husband used to drive a big car at the construction site. His net income per month is between 20000 and 30000 yuan. In a good time, it is more than 30000 yuan a month. In a second-tier city, the salary is too high. When buying things, it depends on the style, not on the price. If he doesn’t like it, he will leave it there. When cleaning up the house, he feels that he occupies a place and loses things.

When my husband was rich, he went to Wanda for dinner at least four days a week. He ordered five or six dishes each time, and didn’t pack them after eating. He said it was humiliating to pack. Once I said I wanted to pack, he went out quickly. Maybe he thought I was humiliating.

Because the salary is high and the money is large, I buy hundreds of shoes and thousands of coats. My clothes and pants are cheap. He said that my ten clothes are not as expensive as his shoes.

My husband smokes 23 yuan of Yuxi at home, and 50 yuan of Blue Dragon outside. It is also the Yellow Crane Tower. People say that more than 10 yuan is leaked wild goods.

Spend hard when he has money. Anyway, he spends tens of thousands of dollars a month.

What I’m talking about now is his past. He has no job now, has been unemployed for a year, and doesn’t look for a job. Now I have to hide from him when I eat, just afraid that he will eat my food.

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