Who has the strongest fighting power in “Rage”?

The combat effectiveness should be in many aspects, including physical quality, ferocity, psychological quality and intelligence.

Sort from low to high.

1. Bai Jiangbo, who has lost the battle for territory, is not ruthless enough.

2. Anxin has poor physical quality and poor psychological quality.

3. Li Hongwei, small gangsters can’t see big scenes

4. Li Xiang, accurate shooting, low intelligence.

5. Tang Xiaohu was killed by crossing the mountain.

6. Tang Xiaolong, a regular visitor to the bureau, has strong psychological quality.

7. Cao Chuang was not alert enough and was shot from behind.

8. Zhang Biao, the first two terms have been damaged and still corrupted

9. Gao Qisheng, abnormal killer, strong psychological quality

10. Jiang Tian

11. Gao Qiqiang, no taboos, brave and resourceful.

12. Xujiang, the real underworld, has various means, is not afraid of charging, does not walk around, and works directly

13. When crossing the mountain, killing people is like drinking water

14. The most famous person, killing people is like killing fish

Who has the strongest fighting power in "Rage"?

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