China has entered the age of aging. Will there be pension subsidies for those who do not pay social security in rural areas in the future?

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When you see the question from the subject, you know that the subject has not paid social security, and you are worried about whether you can get pension subsidies when you get old. Let me tell you this! Those who will receive pension subsidies will only receive basic pension subsidies from the state and local governments

China has entered the age of aging. Will there be pension subsidies for those who do not pay social security in rural areas in the future?

At present, our farmers’ pension benefits consist of two parts. First, the investment of the state and local governments is the basic fund. The country has increased by 5 yuan this year from the initial 50 yuan to 70 yuan and 88 yuan, which is the national basic fund. The investment of local governments is different because of the different economic development and financial income of different regions, and the investment of farmers’ pension insurance subsidies is also different. Therefore, the pension subsidies received by the rural elderly in different regions are different

The other part is the personal payment part. According to the current rural social security mechanism, from 300-1500 yuan, according to the individual’s economic income ability, you can voluntarily choose the amount of the individual’s annual payment. After 15 or 30 years of payment, you can get pension insurance after you are 60 years old. The pension subsidy received every month is: the amount of social security paid every year multiplied by 15 or 30 years, divided by 139, plus the basic subsidies of the state and local governments, which is the pension subsidy you receive every month after the age of 60

China has entered the age of aging. Will there be pension subsidies for those who do not pay social security in rural areas in the future?

It can be seen from this that the amount of pension insurance paid by individuals will directly affect the amount of future payments. If the subject has not yet paid the social security fund, I sincerely advise you to pay the social security fund every year if you can, even if you save some money every year! But his interest is much higher than his savings. In this way, you can avoid old regret, and your life is also guaranteed. Don’t you think so?

This is the inevitable trend of social development. Don’t miss it. Don’t say you have received less if you miss it.

China has entered the age of aging. Will there be pension subsidies for those who do not pay social security in rural areas in the future?

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