Why is Tang Xiaolong called Brother Dao?

Gao Qiqiang told me that in the years before the guidance team came to Jinghai, many small things, which could not be solved by Lao Mo, were handled by Bruce Lee. He felt that Bruce Lee had worked for so many years, and he would get such benefits from the game hall and casino when he came out. We have to hurry up our performance. I didn’t go to school. Only hard work can solve the problem. Take someone with a knife and go out. Once, Bruce Lee and Tiger ate with Gao Qiqiang. Gao Qiqiang said something. Bruce Lee said that nothing can be solved with a knife. If there is one, take two. Gao Qiqiang jokingly called him Brother Dao. Xiao Hu also shouted. Later, Xiao Hu always called Xiao Long, and the following people shouted after Xiao Hu.

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