Why do women over 40 have no wrinkles, excellent figure and sense of age?

Why do women over 40 have no wrinkles, excellent figure and sense of age?

Because of bone age.

My son, who studied art, told me that the age difference of people can be seen, mainly because the bones will change with age, which shows the age of people. Even if a woman has no wrinkles and is in excellent shape, because of her bone age, she can also see her approximate age.

Why do women over 40 have no wrinkles, excellent figure and sense of age?

It should be said that thin people look young because there are more shapes to choose and try. The fat people feel rich. The best state is that middle-aged women who are thin and have meat on their faces. It is better to be fat. I’m talking about fat, symmetrical, not pear-shaped, big in the middle and small at both ends. Middle-aged women of the same height, especially in their fifties and sixties, have fat and thin skin. But I think fat people have plump, round and smooth skin and fewer wrinkles, while thinner women naturally have more wrinkles.

Why do women over 40 have no wrinkles, excellent figure and sense of age?

I have also experienced more and looked down on life and through people’s hearts. At the age of more than 50, I look like I am in my 40s, 60s, and 50s. People say that a woman’s appearance determines what kind of man he has! Not too fat nor too thin, slightly fleshy, looking thin, walking briskly, straight back, these are the basic elements of youth. If you have the innate or acquired temperament, you will look younger.

However, what looks young is the manner and temperament, which can be seen from the actual age, and is basically consistent.

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