Why do many people wash Cheng Xin in “Three Bodies” now?

This kind of person is simply sitting on the wrong side of his butt. He is sold to help others pay for it. He lacks the ability to see the essence through the phenomenon.

Hearing someone say that Cheng Xin represents public opinion, I began to believe in this statement. I also felt that I had original opinions. In fact, what I saw was all superficial. I was deceived by Cheng Xin to be obedient. I just want to say one word:”Hitler is also a master of propaganda, and he also represents public opinion.”

Why do many people wash Cheng Xin in "Three Bodies" now?

Kindness and selflessness are only the appearance of Cheng Xin, while greed and hypocrisy are her essence. She just camouflages well, but not seamlessly. Her selfishness and greed are revealed in her growth and all processes, which can be seen from her childhood.

The cuckoo will lay its eggs in other people’s nests, and the baby cuckoo will hatch earlier than other eggs, and then squeeze other brothers and sisters out one by one to die, and enjoy the food brought back by their parents alone.

Cheng Xin is like the cuckoo. After she was picked up by her adoptive mother from the park, her adoptive mother has never talked about being a boyfriend. All of them are upset by Cheng Xin, because Cheng Xin thinks it will take away her love.

Why do many people wash Cheng Xin in "Three Bodies" now?

Later, Cheng Xin got a little older and saw that everyone else had a father, so her adoptive mother got married with Cheng Xin’s permission. However, the two never wanted to be children, because Cheng Xin felt that the family of three was very happy, and really didn’t need another extra person.

At this time, Cheng Xin was still very young. Her selfishness was in the open and she didn’t know how to disguise. But as she went to college, she began to publicize her goodness and hide her greed.

Why do many people wash Cheng Xin in "Three Bodies" now?

When she was in college, Cheng Xin was recognized as a”good man”. She was gentle, beautiful, considerate, and treated everyone equally. This directly attracted the loser Yun Tianming to be loyal to her.

However, it should be noted that although Cheng Xin has so many”good people” labels at this time, in fact, she has never actually helped anyone or done anything. At most, she can talk to you and enlighten you.

Do you know why the merciful Avalokitesvara is respected by thousands of people? The most important reason is that she never helps you. If you help someone but don’t help that person, you will be blamed and criticized. You see, those who are ruined are often”good people” who don’t understand.

Why do many people wash Cheng Xin in "Three Bodies" now?

After Cheng Xin started her work, she joined the ladder project. Do you think she is just a workplace white who doesn’t know anything at this time? Then you look down on her.

It is said that Wade, the old leader of Cheng Xin, is cruel, cold-blooded and unscrupulous in order to achieve his goal. But you will find that Cheng Xin is the fastest person to keep up with Wade’s thinking. Wade values her most. In terms of ruthlessness, Cheng Xin even surpasses Wade. It is she who puts forward to only give brain.

Why do many people wash Cheng Xin in "Three Bodies" now?

Cheng Xin found Yun Tianming and begged him to give up his brain. Yun Tianming was confused. Cheng Xin, who was in his mind, came to let him die.

However, Cheng Xin’s heart was calm. If it weren’t for this task, she would have forgotten Yun Tianming. Yun Tianming thought that Cheng Xin was gentle and considerate to him, but in fact she treated everyone the same. Cheng Xin will not have any guilt. Everything is for work!

However, ironically, just when Wade told Cheng Xin that Yun Tianming was the person who sent her the stars, Cheng Xin began to block crazily. It doesn’t matter what work, what task, and what is for human beings. A person who loves me hasn’t used it for me yet, so it’s too pity to use it.

Why do many people wash Cheng Xin in "Three Bodies" now?

Later, Wade gave Cheng Xin a chance to be the future liaison of the ladder plan and hibernate to the future. In this way, he might have a chance to see Yun Tianming. Cheng Xin did not hesitate to accept the task and woke up 200 years later. Don’t forget that her adoptive parents didn’t ask for other children for her.

Cheng Xin ran for the sword bearer, which is also the most controversial place. Some people said that she was for power, while others said that she represented public opinion. But in my opinion, she not only represented public opinion, but also gained power. She always chooses the most beneficial option in the choice.

The doctor doesn’t ask the patient where to cut, and the cook doesn’t ask the customer how much salt to put when cooking. Public opinion sometimes is really unreliable. Both Luo Ji and Wade understand this, so they didn’t comply with public opinion, and thus fell into disrepute. Cheng Xin also knows this, but she just bullies the common people and doesn’t know, so she chose to push the boat along the river and won support.

Why do many people wash Cheng Xin in "Three Bodies" now?

When the water drop hit, Cheng Xin chose to give up resistance and bow to the three-body world. She did not consider for the sake of human beings and the earth. There was a saying that the two evils should be the lesser of each other, and give up resistance. At least she could be treated well and survive, but she did not think so much about the safety of billions of people outside.

Because of Cheng Xin’s calculation, billions of people have been displaced and kept in captivity in Australia. Their living conditions are extremely poor. Riots occur every day, and people die in hunger every day. Even Zhizi asked that humans must kill each other to 30 million people and eat their own kind.

What is Cheng Xin doing at this time? Although she felt guilty in her heart, she was very honest in her body. She lived in the villa of the old goat Frith and was treated favorably by Zhizi. At this time, she would not talk about love, because if she talked about love, she would divide the room for the victims. Outside, billions of people are facing life and death, and millions of resistance troops are resisting suicide. Cheng Xin is enjoying the dance of old Fraser in the villa and feeling the primitive tribal culture.

Why do many people wash Cheng Xin in "Three Bodies" now?

Another attack was false alarm. Cheng Xin and Aiaa escaped on the spaceship and met several children on the way. Aiaa tried to save the children. At this time, Cheng Xin was silent again and stopped talking about love, because she didn’t want to give up her seat.

In the Star City, Cheng Xin blocked the development of Wade’s light-speed spaceship, which directly led to the loss of the last chance for human survival. The reason is that the research and development of light-speed spacecraft will destroy the stability and unity of human society.

But is it true? Each time when facing a choice, Cheng Xin will bow to the more powerful side. Of course, Wade’s army cannot defeat the Solar System Federation. Cheng Xin did not hesitate to sell Wade directly, and was familiar with the way.

Why do many people wash Cheng Xin in "Three Bodies" now?

However, Cheng Xin forgot that the speed-of-light spacecraft was developed under her guidance, and Wade was also helping her. Wade fought for this matter all his life and vowed to fight against the federal government, but he didn’t want to be betrayed by Cheng Xin. Wade was sentenced to death, and Cheng Xin again won public support.

When the solar system was hit, the whole human army was destroyed, but Cheng Xin did not stand with the human race. He and Aiaa boarded the only light-speed spaceship of the whole human race to escape. Those were the only two seats of the human race. How could they have the face to sit?

Why do many people wash Cheng Xin in "Three Bodies" now?

Cheng Xin has become a survivor of human beings. The reason to support her is to find her lover Yun Tianming. But she met Guan Yifan on the way. Aiaa liked Guan Yifan very much. But when Cheng Xin and Guan Yifan were going out by spaceship, they held hands and looked at each other in tears.

Later, when Cheng Xin learned that she had missed her lover Yun Tianming forever, she immediately fell on Guan Yifan’s shoulder and said,”You are the only man in the universe now!”

Why do many people wash Cheng Xin in "Three Bodies" now?

At the end of the story, the zeroer called for returning to the movement, returning the mass of the small universe, and restarting the big universe. Cheng Xin responded to the call, but left the key mass of five kilograms, which directly led to the possibility that the big universe could not be inflated and finally destroyed.

Cheng Xin finally did a good thing, but she wanted to leave the infuriating 5kg. Maybe it was because no one scolded her. She was not used to it.

Why do many people wash Cheng Xin in "Three Bodies" now?

Cheng Xin, as the longest living human being in the universe and the ultimate survivor, has experienced too much in her life. But I don’t know if you have noticed whether she is running for the sword bearer, giving up resistance, or preventing the development of the speed-of-light spaceship. Although she has harmed everyone, she has never really paid anything, sacrificed anything or lost anything from the beginning to the end. Each choice seems to be for human beings, But she is the biggest beneficiary.

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