Summer resort — Wumeng prairie

Wumeng prairie is located in Pingdi Yi Township, Pan County, Guizhou Province. The highest altitude is about 2857 meters, also known as hillside grassland. The annual average temperature is about 11 degrees. It is a good place to spend summer. The Wumeng prairie was originally a plateau mountain landform with a cool and pleasant climate. Among them, the Wumeng prairie scenic spot has the largest grassland in Guizhou and the highest Lake in Guizhou.

 Summer Resort - Wumeng prairie

The scenic spot has become a place for tourists because of the frequent appearance of magical Buddha light, grassland animal husbandry, sea of clouds, sunrise and sunset, and has attracted a large number of tourists to seek seclusion and enjoy the scenery.

The Mongolian prairie scenic spot is composed of 10000 mu of hillside grassland pasture, 10000 mu of dwarf Azalea Forest, Tiansheng bridge, gesuo River Canyon, helongtankou karst cave, Shili Gallery, Badashan sunrise, Baiyu cave and other scenic spots, as well as 42 natural and cultural scenic spots such as ancient banyan trees, 1000 mu of natural forest, longtianyou ancient tomb, Yi villages, Yi”Torch Festival”, Bai”Torch Festival”.

There are 100000 mu of grassland and 40000 mu of dwarf Azalea Forest on the slope in the scenic area, with an average altitude of about 2500 meters. It is the highest grassland in Guizhou and even the southwest, with rolling grasslands and gentle low hills. Under the bright sun, there are thousands of acres of green fields, cattle and sheep, which are boundless and magnificent. At the turn of spring and summer, ten thousand mu of dwarf azalea are opening up. Among them, the alpine lake changhaizi, 2000 meters long and 300 meters wide, is the highest elevation Lake in Guizhou. Azalea sea, magical Buddha light, clear plateau lake changhaizi, etc., constitute a unique landscape of mountains, peaks, lakes, cliffs, cliffs, Buddha light, azalea, waterfalls and canyons, attracting countless tourists.

Buddha light is an optical phenomenon formed under special climate and geographical environment. When the weather changes suddenly and causes large water vapor, the light will refract when encountering these water vapor, and then the Buddha light will be formed. In China, only a few places like Mount Emei and mount Fanjing have witnessed similar natural wonders. The Buddha light on the Wumeng prairie will appear in spring, summer and autumn. The time of appearance is around 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. to watch the ‘Buddha light on the prairie’ has become the yearning of tourists who come to Panxian for sightseeing. At the same time, in the Wumeng prairie, newly installed wind turbines dance in the wind, as if welcoming guests from afar. In the evening, on the alpine grassland, windmills fly around, the glow is everywhere, and the golden glow is all dyed. Visitors can overlook the rolling mountains, look up to the rotating windmill, and experience the comfort of the alpine grassland.

 Summer Resort - Wumeng prairie

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