Doubts about the invariance of the speed of light in relativistic vacuum

the current big bang theory is based on the phenomenon of spectral redshift, assuming that the speed of light in the vacuum is constant. But is the speed of light really constant? Will the energy density of the light itself decrease with the extension of the propagation distance, and gradually slow down? Or is it that in the direction of motion, the scaling effect derived from relativity is not the shortening of spatial distance, but the compression of moving objects (such as rulers) and the lengthening of the distance in the direction of motion relative to rulers? Anyway, I think that according to the theory of relativity, it doesn’t take time for light to reach any place in the universe. However, the propagation speed of the field is limited. From the perspective of light, the whole universe is still a singularity. In that case, it is absurd for us to calculate the distance inside the”singularity” by using the redshift phenomenon of light in the”singularity”?

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