What is the point matching method of the original collaterals, and what is its significance?

First of all, understand what is the original acupoint

The original acupoint is the place where the viscera original gas passes through and stops. There is one original acupoint in each of the twelve meridians.

The sixty-six Difficulties of the Classic of Difficulties said:”The three energizers are the other uses of the original qi. They are mainly through the three qi and experience the five viscera.”

It means that the original qi originates from the movement of qi between the kidneys, and uses the triple energizer as the other function. It spreads the whole body, harmonizes the inside and outside, promotes the up and down, and relates to the function of viscera gasification, and the original acupoint is the part where it flows.

The sixty-six Difficulties of the Classic of Difficulties points out that”if there is any disease in the five viscera and six viscera, all of them should take its origin.”

Therefore, the original acupoint is mainly used to treat diseases of related viscera, and also has the role of assisting diagnosis.

Next, understand what is the collateral point

The collateral point is the part where the collaterals are separated from the original meridian, and there is one acupoint in each of the fifteen collaterals from the meridian.

In addition to treating the diseases and syndromes of the collaterals, the collaterals of the twelve meridians can strengthen the connection between the external and internal meridians.

Therefore, the collateral points can also treat the symptoms of both external and internal meridians, as the”Guide to Acupuncture” said:”The collateral points are in the middle of the two meridians… If the collateral points are punctured, both external and internal meridians can be treated.

“If the lung meridian points are absent, it can treat both the lung meridian syndrome and the large intestine meridian syndrome; if the heart meridian points are open, it can treat both the heart meridian syndrome and the small intestine meridian syndrome.

The main function of collateral points is to expand the scope of indications of meridians.

What is the method of matching points of the original collaterals

In clinical practice, the original points of the first diseased viscera and the collateral points of the later diseased external and internal meridians are often combined, which is called the method of matching points of the original collaterals or the method of matching points of the main and objective original collaterals, which is a typical example of the method of matching points of the external and internal meridians.

If the heart meridian is diseased first, take the original acupoint Shenmen, and then the small intestine is diseased, and then take the meridian acupoint branch Zheng.

On the contrary, if the small intestine is diseased first, the original point of carpal bone shall be taken first, and then the heart meridian shall be diseased later, and then the meridian point shall be taken to open the interior.

It should be noted that the method of matching the original points of the diseased viscera with the collateral points of the external viscera is called the method of matching the original points of the meridian, rather than the original points of the meridian with the collateral points of the meridian.

In order to facilitate memory, you can remember the original acupoint song

The pithy formula for memorizing the original points of the twelve meridians:

Pulmonary Taiyuan collateral deficiency, large intestine Hegu partial Li point;

The stomach meridian Chongyang collaterals are plump, and the spleen meridian Taibai collaterals Gongsun;

In the heart Genshin Impact Gate, the collateral branch of the small intestine carpal bone is positive;

The bladder Jinggu collaterals are flying, and the nephrogen Taixi collaterals are big clocks;

Pericardium Daling collaterals internal pass, Sanjiao Yangchi collaterals external pass;

The bright meridian of Qiuxu in Danyuan, and Li Gou in Taichong in Ganyuan.

What is the point matching method of the original collaterals, and what is its significance?

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