Some people say it is not filial to send their parents to the nursing home. What do you think?

This is a very complex issue, and we can never judge whether a person is filial. Why is it not filial to send your parents to a nursing home? I disagree with this question.

Our parents need our care when they are old, and we also need to take care of them wholeheartedly. This could have formed a virtuous circle, and the days would have passed peacefully. However, some old people always make trouble out of nothing, and the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law or between father and son is getting worse and worse, which makes the family restless. Living is not a matter of three days and two mornings. In the long run, I am tired physically and mentally. Finally, as a child, I have no choice but to send my parents to the nursing home.

There is also the old-age care for the disabled elderly. When people get old, their greatest fear is disability. After disability, the psychological state has also changed. Like paralyzed patients, they lie in bed every day and cannot take care of themselves. At this time, the patient was in a bad mood, so he did it from time to time to alleviate the helplessness caused by his incompetence, and also made trouble for his family from time to time. Like Alzheimer’s patients, they can’t find people at home at any time. No matter how busy they are, they have to spread their people to find them, and may be lost. In order to work and live, or because they are too old to take care of, their children have to send the elderly into nursing homes.

Of course, there are many cases of sending the elderly to the nursing home. This article will not elaborate on them one by one. In fact, entering the nursing home is the need of social development, the need to alleviate family conflicts, and the inevitable trend of social pension. The post-70s like me have only one only son. Where can I go if I don’t go to the nursing home when I’m old? What’s more, the nursing home is not for free. Children still have to pay a large amount of money! Why don’t people change their concept of providing for the aged, but think it is not filial? I hope that people will gradually accept the new pension model of nursing homes, and will no longer put the big hat of unfiliality on their children’s heads, so that their children will be shameless and give them an objective evaluation. This is my own opinion. I hope my friends can talk about it.

Some people say it is not filial to send their parents to the nursing home. What do you think?

Some people say it is not filial to send their parents to the nursing home. What do you think?

Some people say it is not filial to send their parents to the nursing home. What do you think?

Some people say it is not filial to send their parents to the nursing home. What do you think?

Some people say it is not filial to send their parents to the nursing home. What do you think?

Some people say it is not filial to send their parents to the nursing home. What do you think?

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