What is the most humiliating situation in middle age?

Time makes people old. Middle-aged people are actually an awkward age stage. There are always a lot of difficulties waiting for you, such as old and young, children’s education problems, their own work problems, and children’s marriage problems. But the most humiliating thing about middle-aged people is that I use the following four points to participate in this problem.

First, the problem of children’s education. As a Chinese saying goes, ten years of trees, a hundred years of people show the fundamental value of training. However, in recent years, children are tired of learning and play with their mobile phones desperately after lying flat, rather than rushing to speed up. This problem makes school teachers feel headache, but also makes parents feel hate. If this problem is not solved in time, it will directly affect the life of middle-aged people in the future.

Second, always make others feel that you are worthless

Those who wasted their time when they were young have no willpower in middle age. They can’t do a small thing well. They can do big things and are smart. They always do things they can’t be sure of. When things fail, they will only find excuses and excuse others. That’s true. The strong find ways, and the weak find reasons.

Third: procrastinate and lack self-discipline.

Procrastinate and muddle along. If people put today’s things into tomorrow in their middle age, they will be far behind their peers. Especially in the internet age, middle-aged people must have smart brains, self-discipline, and a serious learning direction, or they will be eliminated by this era, and the only thing that will ultimately drag down is their great future.

Fourth, change your perception.

When you talk with others, what you show in front of others is that you know astronomy and geography, but you never focus on one thing in your life, because your cognition has not been improved, and you always stay where you are. Unable to find the way forward.

In short, middle-aged people are rewritten by their own efforts and hard work. Those who do not work hard, those who do not fight, and those who do not fully understand can only live in the dark corner. Finally, they can neither advance nor retreat. At that time, there will be only sorrow and helplessness.

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