Some people say that jumping the god of feudal superstition and fraud has become a social cancer. Do you agree?

Generally, it is not a crime of fraud, but it is undoubtedly a feudal superstition. It is a kind of sediment. Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Divine Man has been gradually stopped. When it comes to social education (60 years of junior high school), it is completely prohibited. The vast majority of the people recognize it as feudal superstition and have formed consciousness. Including worship of gods, worship of ancestors, burning incense and worship of Buddha, cremation, genealogy and ancestral halls, witches, Mr. Yin and Yang (Mr. Geography), and Mr. fortune-teller, are also basically missing.

However, due to the influence of the extreme left, some traditional folk customs and customs are also prohibited, such as burning paper for food, playing trumpet music at the end of life, and legal religious activities of clans. With the reform and opening up, many have been gradually banned, such as religion, Mr. Feng Shui, weddings and funerals bands, genealogy and ancestral halls, fortune tellers, and so on. There are also no prohibitions such as offering sacrifices to ancestors and gods. Witches and deities also appear (we don’t have many, because most people don’t believe in them. Most of them appear in religious form or even with the nature of cult, but they are more deceptive than the dancing god Wenweneryad.

I have no objection to such activities as ancestor worship, genealogy revision, proper celebration of weddings and funerals, and memorial ceremonies. Legal religious belief is personal freedom, but I firmly oppose clan activities such as the building of ancestral halls, as well as the restoration of burials, the grand exercise of red and white events, and especially the reappearance of supernatural men and witches in the Jianghu. This does not change the ideological emancipation of reform and opening up, is not a socialist ideology, is not a spiritual force to promote social development and progress, and is a kind of retrogression.

Only personal opinions.

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