In the early stage of World War II, Japan was in a state of great decline. Why didn’t it take two years to fight?

It should be Yamamoto and the then Japanese Prime Minister, Kan Weiwen Mo, who said that if the war with the United States, the joint fleet would be invincible in one year to one and a half. But after that, Yamamoto didn’t go on. That’s almost what it means

Yamamoto has served as a military officer of the Japanese navy in the United States. In addition to the war between the United States and Japan for a year and a half, there are more chimneys in American factories than in Japan. How can we fight?

The old Japanese navy has been preparing to fight against the United States, and of course the Americans are not idle. In the orange plan of the color plan formulated by the United States, it is preparing to fight against Japan. Japan’s plan is to use the distance of the Pacific Ocean to launch harassing attacks along the way when the US Navy is on its way to the western Pacific Ocean, constantly depleting the strength of the US Navy. When the US Navy is approaching the western Pacific Ocean, the main force of the Japanese joint fleet, which is waiting for work at home in Japan, will launch another naval battle against Malaysia. Later, this plan was simplified to be called nine-paragraph strike, but it was not so simple and complicated.

The plan of the US military is tit-for-tat. The US Navy plans to hold some islands from the west coast of the United States to the Philippines as advance bases, including the Philippines, Guam and other areas, once the US and Japan start war, the US Navy will set out from Hawaii, under the cover of these bases along the way, and will fight against Japan after arriving in the Philippines.

Later, the war process was generally carried out according to the design plan of the US military, but the scale of the war far exceeded the plan of that year

The two ace pilots in Japan, the one on the left is Mitsuro Inoi, and the one on the right is Hiroshi Nizawa. In the memoirs of Mitsuro Inoi, he introduced the strict training they received at that time, and also mentioned that among the Japanese pilots who were eliminated before the war, although they were not as strong as them, they were much better than the pilots added in the war
In the early stage of World War II, Japan was in a state of great decline. Why didn't it take two years to fight?In the early stage of World War II, Japan was in a state of great decline. Why didn't it take two years to fight?

Japan’s Zero War won the first place in the early days of the Pacific War. A few years ago, Japan had a movie called Zero Forever

After determining the main enemy and combat mode, the old Japanese navy began to prepare fully for the war. After the ultra-intensive training, the Japanese army trained a powerful navy, and the quality of the sailors in this fleet was very high, especially the Japanese navy aviation, which can be said to be the super-class naval aviation at that time, and can be considered as the most powerful naval aviation in the world at that time.

After Japan’s sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, including the later sinking of the Prince of Wales battleship by the Japanese Army Air Force, the air combat of naval warfare has become a reality. In the future naval warfare, the main force of naval warfare has changed from battleships to aircraft carriers, and the source of combat effectiveness of aircraft carriers is aircraft. There are two elements of aircraft combat effectiveness, one is aircraft, and the other is pilots. At the beginning of World War II, Japan had the advantages in both aspects. At that time, the Zero War of Japan’s HNA and the Nakajima fighter of the Land Airlines had the advantages over the Allied fighter planes in Asia, and the pilots of Japan at that time were even superior
In the early stage of World War II, Japan was in a state of great decline. Why didn't it take two years to fight?In the early stage of World War II, Japan was in a state of great decline. Why didn't it take two years to fight?

After the new aircraft of the US military, such as pirates and villains, were put into use, the advantages of the Japanese military in aircraft performance became disadvantages, but with the excellent pilots, Zero-type and villains and pirates can fight
However, these excellent pilots of the Japanese army had been consumed in several major naval battles in the Coral Sea, Midway and Guadao by the end of the Guadao campaign
In the early stage of World War II, Japan was in a state of great decline. Why didn't it take two years to fight?In the early stage of World War II, Japan was in a state of great decline. Why didn't it take two years to fight?

American aircraft carriers make dumplings. Although escort carriers are the majority, the quality and quantity of more than 30 Essex-class heavy fleet aircraft carriers are better than those of Japanese aircraft carriers. After the Pearl Harbor incident, the United States turned into a state of war with all its strength, but this process took time. During this period, the United States fought several battles in Midway and Guadao, which were also very difficult. Fortunately, the scale of these battles was small, which won time for the United States to enter a state of war. When the United States completely turned into a state of war, its huge production capacity began to transform into an advantage in the battlefield
In the early stage of World War II, Japan was in a state of great decline. Why didn't it take two years to fight?In the early stage of World War II, Japan was in a state of great decline. Why didn't it take two years to fight?

Below is P-38 lightning, which later killed Yamamoto. In addition to aircraft, American pilots have been trained more strictly than new Japanese pilots. The training time is as long as one year and seven months. These pilots may not be as good as the first class Japanese pilots, But it is much better than the pilots added by Japan later

However, the Japanese navy is preparing for a short-term war. Whether it is a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor or an occupation of Southeast Asia, it hopes to force the United States to recognize Japan’s sphere of influence and thus end the war. For this purpose, Japan has concentrated almost all its elite troops on the front line, including those super-class pilots. However, after the war lasted a long time, this elite doctrine encountered a huge problem. On the one hand, the continuous loss of these elite soldiers, and on the other hand, the quality and quantity of new pilots trained by Japan could not be compared with that of the United States. Moreover, after the new aircraft of the United States was put into use, the United States surpassed Japan in both the level of pilots and the performance of aircraft, while Japan was just the opposite, When the United States has the advantage in the air force, the situation of the Pacific Sea War will develop in favor of the United States. This time is about two years.

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