Dongshanling travel notes

I went to a place thousands of miles away from the countryside. It happened to be a weekend. I took my friends to the Dongshan mountain in the south of the school.

Dongshanling is known locally as the first mountain in Hainan. Yu et al. Also thought it was too high and too dangerous to climb. After reaching the top of the mountain, they knew that the altitude was only 184 meters. However, there are many beautiful and dangerous places on the way, and the cola is also very popular.

Yu and his friends left at about 5:30, but there are always friends who have a lot to do behind. At five forty, our front team set out first. Walking along the asphalt road with the morning light, I examined the coconut forest, betel nut tree, banana tree and King palm on both sides, which were arranged neatly and densely, looking at the magnificent and deep show. One or two miles ahead, I suddenly encountered a gravel road. It was difficult to walk, but no one left behind. One or two miles away, the entrance of the scenic spot is suddenly in front of you. In addition to our peers, many local morning exercisers swarmed in, and we followed them into the scenic spot.

at the entrance to the mountain, the winding mountain lane is on the right, which is wide and unobstructed; On the left is the stone steps, straight and steep. In order to climb the mountain quickly, I picked up the steps and went up, singing birds and fragrant flowers all the way. The winding paths lead to seclusion, and the roads turn around. There are stone mountain wings on the mountainside. Ru Zhu in the stone forest on the left has the title of”fighting against the South sky”, and Lu Guangzu in the stone on the right has the title of”the first mountain in Hainan”. The characters are all powerful, three points into the stone, and towering. Along the stone gap between the two mountains, only one person was allowed to pass through. I bent down and walked cautiously. Soon I came to Maitreya Buddha’s foot entitled”east mountain towering green”. When people look up, they suddenly feel Buddhist thoughts, mountains and rivers, and get the scenery with their hearts.

after resting for a while, Yu et al. Continued to climb up the steps, wet their clothes with sweat, and finally reached the point of the first mountain in Hainan. It is said that there is a Taoist monk on the big stone here who practices pills and eventually becomes an immortal. I was beyond our reach and bowed to each other. Furthermore, there are numerous Danshu cliff carvings of scholars and scholars on both sides of the cliff. I can’t help stopping to watch and admire them. Then you will pass through Chaoyin temple and Zhenwu hall to reach the top of the mountain.

the top of the mountain is suddenly open, surrounded by green trees and flowers. On the right, you can see the whole Wanning City, and on the left, you can see the boundless sea connecting the water and the sky. You have a great sense of climbing the top of Dongshan mountain and the world.

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although the scenery at the top of the mountain is reluctant to give up, which makes the rest of the generation linger and do not want to go back, there is no perfection in life, and there is only hope when there are shortcomings. After stopping, Yu et al. Returned through Dongling temple. Dongling Temple worships Buddha and Guanyin. It is said that it was built in the Song Dynasty and renovated many times. With a quiet environment and a long history of religious culture, it is known as”immortal mountain Buddha”


leave Dongling temple and wait for Yu to go down the avenue. They went towards the north and returned at noon. Although their clothes were wet and their legs and feet were sore, they supported each other and accompanied each other. Their feelings were harmonious. Different sceneries along the way, different feelings along the way, and endless happiness!

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