Liu’s father died on the same day as the husband and wife divorced. Can the property under his name be used as the husband and wife’s common property after inheritance?

There is such a coincidence that the husband and wife divorced on the same day as their father died. The key problem is that the father had an independent property and wrote a will to give it to his son. Now, the father has died, the house has become an inheritance, and the son will inherit the house. The problem arises. Since the son has obtained the inheritance, the former daughter-in-law believes that it should be regarded as the common property of the husband and wife. Although the husband and wife are divorced now, the divorce and the death of their father are on the same day, which shows that they are not completely divorced from the husband and wife relationship, and there is a certain basis for the relationship. Therefore, the inheritance acquired by the ex-husband should be divided as the common property of the husband and wife. For this reason, it has been proposed to the court.

In my opinion, the former daughter-in-law’s claim is purely unreasonable. First of all, the law stipulates that in the relationship between husband and wife, the inheritance or gift property acquired by one party belongs to personal private property, not to the common property of husband and wife. Therefore, even if the ex-husband has obtained the inheritance this time, it has nothing to do with the ex-wife. Unless the ex-husband agrees to be the property of the couple. Moreover, since it is said that divorce and father’s death are on the same day, everyone is in a state of grief and indignation. Do you have time to go through the formalities of inheritance transfer? I think it’s impossible. The house does not belong to the ex-husband until the estate transfer formalities are gone through. But the couple has divorced, and you are no longer a wife. What reason do you have to fight for the former father-in-law’s property?

There is no wonder in the whole world, but this kind of thing will not happen in the countryside, because the rural houses are not worth money and no one will fight for them. These things should appear in cities, but I haven’t seen or heard of them, just talk about the matter!

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