What should I do if I’m depressed?

Thank you! In my opinion, life is full of joys and sorrows, trials are bittersweet and bittersweet, and rough and stormy roads. Therefore, we have to go through the challenges of big and small events (difficult, easy, happy, hard). There is always cause and effect in everything, and there is always a inextricable link between people and things, things and people. However, when we encounter, substantive difficulties and setbacks, we can’t calm down for a long time and sleep all night, such as going on for a long time That is, depressive symptoms, which is a serious heart disease, must be adjusted as soon as possible, grasp the positive energy point, First of all, we should take measures from the fundamental point of view (the statement with family members and their recent state of mind, it is necessary, accompanied by family members, to see a psychologist and conduct psychological counseling, and at the same time, to travel to tourist attractions, relax, adjust the unhappy mood, and adjust the state of mind under the premise of a little understanding of the mood (Think of life as poor, rich, gain, loss, normal, firm belief, no matter how changeable the situation is, there are always more ways than difficulties, and think about how our ancestors, the hardship at that time, and how they have been through…) Regardless of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, the mood suddenly brightens, and it is a beautiful day! Generally speaking, crying and laughing are all in one day. Why not choose to laugh! Therefore, as long as you are cheerful and depressed, you will have to gradually disappear. Of course, this can only be your personal opinion. Please forgive me if it is inappropriate!

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