During the Three Kingdoms Period, Zhang Xiu killed Cao Cao’s son, nephew and Dian Wei. How did he end up?

Zhang Xiu’s life was a tough one.

Although he killed Cao Cao’s son Cao Ang and nephew Cao Anmin, he immediately made Cao Cao”look down on him and can’t kill him” with his fierce performance.

Finally, the open-minded Cao Cao had to win over Zhang Xiu with high treatment.

Zhang Xiu had a good ending.

Perhaps it was because he had done too much personal harm to Cao Cao and the ending was too good. Therefore, Wei Lue quoted the rumors that could not withstand scrutiny to”alter” his ending.

Zhang Xiu was despised by Cao Cao.

During the Three Kingdoms Period, Zhang Xiu killed Cao Cao's son, nephew and Dian Wei. How did he end up?

In 197, Cao Cao attacked Wancheng Zhang Embroidery in the south to eliminate the problem of armpits.

Zhang Xiu didn’t come here to”start a business” at first. He just followed his uncle Zhang Ji to”eat” and find something to eat.

Uncle Zhang Ji was killed while attacking Rangcheng of Liu Biao, and Zhang Xiu took over.

Liu Biao also didn’t want to fight with these Liangzhou people, so he simply let Zhang Xiu enter Wancheng to provide him with food and grass and take him as the Northern Fan.

Anyway, I’m looking for food. Whose food is it? Zhang Xiu did not resist, and the slip surrendered.

People who surrender easily have always been looked down upon.

Cao Cao married Zhang Ji’s widow.

During the Three Kingdoms Period, Zhang Xiu killed Cao Cao's son, nephew and Dian Wei. How did he end up?

Cao Cao is a lecherous person, but he is not a person who can’t control himself. The reason why he can’t wait to marry Aunt Zhang Xiu is that he looks down on others!

This is not over yet.

Zhang Xiu bribed Zhang Xiu’s powerful general Hu Cheer again, which meant to kill Zhang Xiu.

Zhang Xiu will certainly resist the humiliation and danger that comes from the surrender of Mahu!

Zhang Xiu took advantage of Cao Cao’s contempt and gave Cao Cao an unforgettable memory

Didn’t Cao Cao look down on me? OK! turn sb . ‘s trick to one ‘s own use!

Zhang Xiu asked to pass through Cao Cao’s barracks while he was on the defensive.

Cao Cao agreed.

At that time, when the army was in regular mobilization and had no combat task, the armor and weapons were loaded by vehicles, and the soldiers did not carry weapons and armor, which was not a great threat.

Soon, Zhang Xiu said:”We have too few cars to fit so many armor.”. Can I have my soldiers act in armor?

Cao Cao promised!

Zhang Xiu has just surrendered to Cao Cao. It is impossible to say how much Cao Cao trusts.

The only reason why Cao Cao agreed to Zhang Xiu was that Cao Cao despised Zhang Xiu at all. He felt that his brother had no seed and dared not touch him!

Zhang embroidery has seeds!

After the fully armed troops entered Cao Camp, Zhang Xiu immediately launched a surprise attack!

During the Three Kingdoms Period, Zhang Xiu killed Cao Cao's son, nephew and Dian Wei. How did he end up?

Cao Cao was caught off guard and his right arm was injured. Fortunately, he was rescued by Dianwei.

The eldest son Cao Ang, nephew Cao Anmin and beloved general Dianwei were all killed, and the 10-year-old Cao Pi escaped by horse.

The beloved general, eldest son and nephew were killed. In his hand, Cao Cao was severely injured by the people he despised!

Use his ability to win attention

Although he was deeply hurt, Cao Cao still despised Zhang Xiu.

He concluded: the lesson of this time is no hostages! It’s careless!

So Cao Cao sent Cao Hong to attack Zhang Xiu.

Among the Cao brothers, Cao Hong was relatively young and immature at that time.

Therefore, when dividing troops, Cao Ren is generally assigned to the opponents who attach a little importance to it.

Send Cao Hong to fight Zhang Xiu, obviously despise Zhang Xiu!

During the Three Kingdoms Period, Zhang Xiu killed Cao Cao's son, nephew and Dian Wei. How did he end up?

Cao Hong did not do it. He was defeated by Zhang Xiu and returned to the leaf.

Zhang Xiu, there are two brushes!

Come on, Cao Cao!

In November 197, Cao Cao came to fight with the power of defeating Yuan Shu.

Liu Biao sent Deng Ji, the general of the Ministry, to defend Huyang and support Zhang Xiu.

Zhang Xiu was ready to fight. Cao Cao, who was”in the four battle zones”, could not afford it. He simply threw his anger on Liu Biao’s reinforcements, captured Huyang, captured Deng Ji, and withdrew!

In March 198, Cao Cao attacked again.

Before sending out the troops, Xunyou had realized that Zhang Xiu was not good at fighting, and put forward suggestions: Zhang Xiu was better at fighting, and Liu Biao also provided him with military rations, which was not easy to deal with. If we are in a hurry to fight, they will support each other. If we don’t fight first, they will be separated. Therefore, it is better to postpone the withdrawal of the army!

If Cao Cao doesn’t listen, he must solve Zhang Xiu himself.

During the Three Kingdoms Period, Zhang Xiu killed Cao Cao's son, nephew and Dian Wei. How did he end up?

After more than a month, Cao Cao Cao still couldn’t help Zhang Xiu.

At this time, Cao Cao learned that Yuan Shao was interested in Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty and decided to withdraw.

Liu Biao was stationed in Anzhong, the place where the Cao army had to retreat. Zhang Xiu followed the Cao army. Cao Cao was attacked from both sides. So the general team gathered together and retreated slowly for several miles every day. The situation was critical.

Fortunately, Cao Cao was resourceful. He used the darkness of the night to dig tunnels, transport all the baggage, and ambush the strange soldiers. Zhang Xiu was ambushed and defeated.

Not yet!

After her defeat, Zhang Xiu said to Jia Xu,”I don’t listen to you. I went to pursue her. I was defeated!”!

Jia Xu said: Go after it now and you will win!

Zhang Xiu immediately pursued and won!

Jia Xu’s explanation made a”positioning” for Zhang Xiu’s military ability: you are not as good as Cao Cao, but better than other generals of Cao Cao. When Cao Cao retreats, he must break the ice himself. You can’t win if you chase him! After Cao Cao wins, he will stay with the general. If you go after him, you will win!

Jia Xu’s words, see blood in a flash.

During the Three Kingdoms Period, Zhang Xiu killed Cao Cao's son, nephew and Dian Wei. How did he end up?

Although Cao Cao is stronger than Zhang Xiu, he is in a four-battle position and is not easy to use every time, and he is not the opponent of Zhang Xiu to send a general.

In this way, Cao Cao attacked Zhang Xiu three times in a year and a half, and could not eliminate Zhang Xiu!

Zhang Xiu, Cao Cao doesn’t like you and can’t eat you!

After all, the main opponent of Cao Cao is Yuan Shao. It is not a problem to go on with Zhang Xiu. Cao Cao can only solve it by non-military means.

Because Zhang Xiu was very close to Xuchang and important, Zhang Xiu became the object of Cao Cao and Yuan Shao.

Jia Xu believes that Cao Cao has great ambitions and will not dispute personal grievances with you. Now it seems that Cao Cao is more reliable than Yuan Shao. Choose Cao Cao!

Zhang Xiu chose Cao Cao.

Cao Cao was so excited that he took Zhang Xiu’s hand to the banquet, and asked his son Cao Jun to marry Zhang Xiu’s daughter, marry her, and make Zhang Xiu a general of Yang Wu.

At that time, Zhang Xiu had no grudge against Cao Cao. He surrendered to Cao Cao in a bad way. Cao Cao married his aunt, wooed his general, and wanted to kill him.

Today, Zhang Xiu and Cao Cao have a deep hatred, but Cao Cao treats them like this.

During the Three Kingdoms Period, Zhang Xiu killed Cao Cao's son, nephew and Dian Wei. How did he end up?

Dignity, it is to fight!

Good treatment, good ending

After joining Cao Cao, Zhang Xiu showed great military talent.

In the battle of Guandu, he fought hard and was promoted to the general of the Qiang.

In 205, Zhang Xiuzheng and Yuan Tan were meritorious, and the number of food towns increased to 2000!

At that time, after years of war and chaos, the number of households in the world was drastically reduced, and the number of food cities of Cao’s generals did not exceed 1000!

It can be seen that Zhang Xiu has received such high treatment!

In 207, Cao Cao attacked Wuhuan and invited Zhang Xiu to come.

Zhang Xiu died on the way.

The rumor in Wei Lue

There is a record of Zhang Xiu’s death in Wei Lue that cannot be considered.

The Five Senses Zhonglang held Cao Pi’s revenge and said to Zhang Xiu,”You killed me all. What face are you standing here?”?

Zhang Xiu was upset and committed suicide.

However, this record cannot stand scrutiny.

First of all, there are factual errors in this record.

The death of Zhang Xiu was in 207, while Cao Pi took the post of General Zhonglang of Five Senses in 211.

Cao Pi did not become an official until 210. In other words, when Zhang Xiu died, Cao Pi was not yet an official.

Secondly, in common sense, Cao Pi at that time did not have the conditions to”frighten people to death”.

During the Three Kingdoms Period, Zhang Xiu killed Cao Cao's son, nephew and Dian Wei. How did he end up?

At that time, Cao Cao Cao’s successor was not Cao Pi and Cao Zhi, but Cao Chong, a prodigy.

According to the Records of the Three Kingdoms, Wei Shu 20, Cao Cao repeatedly mentioned to his ministers that he had”the desire to pass on the meaning” to Cao Chong.

After Cao Chong died, Cao Cao said to Cao Pi: This is my misfortune, but your luck!

Cao Pi later admitted that if Cao Chongruo was there, he could not take over the shift.

Cao Chong fell ill and died in 208, so when Zhang Xiu died, Cao Chong was still the most likely successor.

Therefore, although Cao Pi was the son of Cao Cao, he was neither an official nor the successor of Cao Cao. Even if he was dissatisfied with Zhang Xiu, why did Zhang Xiu commit suicide?

Zhang Quan’s death

After Zhang Xiu’s death, his son Zhang Quan inherited him.

In 219, Wei satirized the rebellion and was suppressed by Cao Pi who stayed in Ye.

Zhang Quan was implicated and killed.

The revolt of Wei satire was a major counterattack by Jingzhou’s”second generation” and anti-Cao forces.

Later, Cao Pi carried out a thorough cleaning to eradicate the power of the pro-Han faction, and sat down thousands of dead people. Even Zhong You, an important minister of Cao Cao, was implicated and dismissed.

During the Three Kingdoms Period, Zhang Xiu killed Cao Cao's son, nephew and Dian Wei. How did he end up?

That is to say, the death of Zhang Quan was Cao Pi’s”indiscriminate strike” against the pro-Han forces, especially Jingzhou’s”second generation”, not to mention his deliberate revenge for his brother.

On the whole, Zhang Xiu’s life was vigorous.

He had originally returned early, but he was despised by Cao Cao, so he rose up against him and gave him a deep pain.

After several wars with Cao Cao, he proved his strength and won the respect of Cao Cao.

Cao Cao was ambitious and put down his personal hatred. Zhang Xiu, at the suggestion of Jia Xu, knew the ambition of Cao Gong, and was determined to yield to it. He fought for it and made contributions to it, which is a good story.

As for Cao Pi’s forcing him to”commit suicide”, it was just gossip from good people.

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