Apple’s mobile phone system is still at the ceiling level, and the experience is at the top

# Entertainment focus # iOS15. 5. After a day’s experience, I made a summary: 1. System fluency: I understand everything, let alone update it. It makes no difference (metaphysical improvement). The old model may slow down. 2. On whether the signal improves: I think there is a slight change, and the improvement of perception is not very obvious. 3. Network speed: friends who use iPhone + Unicom card should not consider this problem. At present, the mobile card is normal and not too prominent. 4. Endurance increase or not: minimal change. It is said to reduce the processor frequency and increase the endurance, which is more durable. 5. Charging speed: This is what I have to roast about. Compared with the previous version, the charging speed is significantly slower. I wonder if cook deliberately reduced the charging speed to prevent the phone from overheating in summer. This is a bit damaging. 6. Whether to kill the backstage: I don’t want to talk about killing the backstage of iPhone. I see wechat earth n times a day. It’s no different from before after upgrading. I have to kill when I should. 7. Heating problem: the heating is lost. After all, it can be seen from the running points that cook has reduced the frequency of the processor. 8. Whether there is a new function update: at present, I don’t notice it, unless there may be some system apps I don’t often use, and I’ll talk about it when I encounter them. 9. Whether the bug is solved: it hasn’t been solved. Some yin-yang screen users still haven’t solved this bug. I don’t know if it’s a hardware problem. Upgrade suggestion: don’t upgrade the old models, that is, the models before iphone12. Iphone12 can be upgraded in the future. After all, I still recognize the fact that frequency reduction can ensure heating and endurance. The key is that frequency reduction can’t affect the fluency of IOS. Why don’t I upgrade, right!

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