Is there any disease more terrible than autonomic nervous disorder?

I am 55 years old this year. I have suffered from autonomic nervous disorder since I was 37 years old. I have personally experienced and experienced this nervous disorder, which is worse than death. At first, when I was ill, I was also young, and information was not so developed, and there was no WeChat and smart phone.

I am 37 years old because of hyperplasia of mammary gland, incurable for a long time, and high pressure of life. My two sons and wife are drunk. The long-term pressure made my illness go out of control. Later, I called an ambulance. I had stomach upset, chest tightness, back and shoulder pain, two flank pain, and some small bumps under my ribs.

A series of examinations, including gastroscopy, chest radiographs and blood tests, were carried out in the county. There were no major problems and no substantial pathological changes, but there were symptoms in the body. It was better to die than to torture all day long.

Later, it was really impossible to find more than one hundred pairs of traditional Chinese medicine to drink in the county hospital. There was no obvious effect. Finally, the children grew up and got married after seeing the psychiatry department.

It may be that the pressure is low and the condition is getting better, but sometimes the chest and flank are full of melancholy, the mood is not smooth, and the autonomic nervous disorder is caused by the poor nerve regulation. I have been sick for nearly 20 years, and I have had experience. I think this is an immortal cancer, always with you. There is no other disease more terrible than the autonomic nervous disorder.

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