Who is the mysterious Toutuo who was made into steamed bread by Sun Erniang in “Outlaws of the Marsh”?

The mysterious Toutuo, who was made into steamed buns by Sun Erniang, refers not to specific people, but to an inhuman culture. The author hates this culture, but the ruler and the ruling culture education like to rely on this culture, so the author dare not expose this inhuman and harmful culture publicly, so he hides it in the Outlaws of the Marsh with his own views (his respect), which is the reason for the formation of”mystery”.

The word”tuo” is the key to uncover the mystery.”Tuo”,”ear it”,”it” is a non-human animal,”ear” is an empty expression, which means that there is an empty (unreal, immaterial) non-human cultural thinking in human beings, and”head” is thinking. People should have advocated the most representative culture of human beings, but why should they advocate the non-human culture of falsehood? The reason is that this stupid cultural idea does not know and understand what is the essential culture of human beings, and regards some common attributes of human beings and animals as the essential culture of human beings; For example, emotion, affection, benevolence, propriety (order), language and so on, just like feet (feet) are common to people. It can be seen that”Toutuo” is the Confucian culture that the author refers to. What is the unique culture of human nature? It is human ability culture. Human power is the true essence of human culture. The human hand has two particularly outstanding abilities: one is the ability to deeply explore the inherent characteristics and laws of unknown natural materials, and the other is the ability to constantly innovate, create new technologies and new manufacturing. Some people will think that human brain is the source of human ability. This view is wrong, because human ability is ultimately reflected in human production, that is, in human ability. Only through repeated exploration and practice by human hands can people gain true knowledge in practice. Only when the brain fully serves and obeys human practice can it play a positive role, otherwise it will only interfere with the development of antagonistic human ability. This is the reason why Zhuang Zhou’s dream of butterflies is divided: that is, from Zhuang Zhou’s dream and butterfly’s dream, we can’t distinguish between people and butterflies, because dreams are the reflection of the brain and things of consciousness. Where can we completely distinguish? Only in terms of human capacity can we make a fundamental distinction. If all kinds of unprecedented new technologies and new manufacturing are expressed as”one”, then people (scientists, inventors, innovators, and creators) ‘work before the birth of”one” is”inaction”. Therefore, only the culture advocating inaction, exploring the unknown nature, advocating technological innovation and promoting economic development and improvement is the real human essence culture.

Because the word”tuo” expresses animals, the author wrote in the book that”he has removed his four feet”, and”four feet” is not human.

“Niang”,”Nuliang” and”Nu” are equivalent to the long process of fertilization and breeding before”production”, which is”inaction”. The new natural way (extraordinary way) discovered by”inaction” is the essence of objective nature; The unprecedented new technology and new manufacturing”one” conceived and born is the best thing for mankind, which is the great meaning of the culture of”woman” and”mother” in the ancient way.”Sun Er Niang” means that future generations should break the ban of Confucian culture on”female” and”female” Taoist culture and rise”female” culture again.

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