What insights do you have in the electronics factory?

[1] In the electronics factory,will not rest and will definitely get sick

[2] In the electronics factory,is not afraid of your laziness, and your salary will make you dumbfounded

[3] In the electronics factory, it is not difficult to find a boyfriend, and it is more difficult to find a girlfriend than to climb the sky

[4] In the electronics factory, earning 100000 yuan a year is not a dream, as long as you dare to work hard

[5] In the electronics factory, the couples encountered byare not necessarily real couples, but may be temporary couples

What insights do you have in the electronics factory?

[6] In the electronics factory, it is not difficult forto do work.

[7] In the electronics factory, theandgrievancesare also part of thesalary.

[8] In the electronics factory, the more people who areidle, the more they like to make others not idle. Althoughis not pleasing to the eye,can do nothing.

[9] In the electronics factory,busy people are too busy,idle people are too busy,not idle people.

[10] In the electronics factory, we know the importance oflearningandeducation, the higher the education, the easier the life, the higher the salary.

What insights do you have in the electronics factory?

[11] In the electronics factory, people who do not haveeducationorskillsare often those who do the hardest work,get the lowest wage.

[12] In the electronics factory, you can really understand the meaning of the sentence”County officials are better than current leaders“. Don’t offend yourimmediate leaders.

[13] In the electronics factory,is relatedandis not relatedThegap betweenandis too big, it is reallypeople are more than people,angry.

[14] In the electronics factory, I would rathernot make friendsthanwithout mobile phone. Mobile phone is the onlyspiritual comfortafterheavy work.

[15] In the electronics factory, the break up offemale employeeshas become a day for male employees tocelebrate, because there is another opportunity forto leave the order.

What insights do you have in the electronics factory?

[16] In the electronics factory, do not believe the so-calledbrotherhood, which is a waste ofmoneyandfeelings. Once you leave, you will not contactagain.

[17] In the electronics factory,gangingis verychildishbehavior, except forincreasing contradictions,has no benefit.

[18] In the electronics factory,flatterercan always getbetter care, while thosehonest peopleare often bullied by.

[19] In the electronics factory, you shouldkeep an eye on everything, even if you are aapprentice, you shouldkeep a hand, otherwise you will beworthless.

[20] In the electronics factory,should notpersuade people in the factory to leave,should notinvite people outside the factory to come into work, the wider the, the more trouble.

What insights do you have in the electronics factory?

[21] In the electronics factory, you should learn tobe alone, and anything that has nothing to do with yourselfshould beregardless of, lestget into trouble.

[22] In the electronics factory, do nottake the resignationtothreatenthe leader requestsraise, just afraid thatyou have not left,the person who takes over for youhas foundu>.

[23] In the electronics factory, you should learnto be silly, and understand thatcan’t see,can’t hear, only in this way can youwork for a long time.

[24] In the electronics factory, the leaders pay more attention to the results. If thequality is not up to the standard, they will not get the approval if they work hard.

[25] In the electronics factory, you should learn toobserve what you say and look, haveeyesight, know what to say when you see someone,see who to do.

What insights do you have in the electronics factory?

[26] In the electronics factory, don’t lend money tocolleagues. After all, you come fromall over the world. Once you resign, you don’t know where to find.

[27] In the electronics factory, don’t trust the big cake drawn by the leader, but look at the actual action.

[28] In the electronics factory, do notfile a complaint over the next level, because younever know whether theprivate relationship between them is good or not.

[29] In an electronics factory, don’t envy employees wholeave work on time. In fact, they don’t make much money.

[30] In the electronics factory, after talking aboutgirlfriend, don’t expect to save money.

What insights do you have in the electronics factory?

[31] In the electronics factory, colleaguessuddenlyresigned, many of which are related towomen: either go hometo find objects, or go hometo find the right image to question.

[32] In the electronics factory,without that strengthdon’tflaunt around, otherwise it is easy tobe fired.

[33] In the electronics factory, don’t stick together withrelatives(friends)if you have nothing to do, just be afraid thatis close,conflictswill come.

[34] In the electronics factory, theleadersalways leave somerowers, not because thehave a good personal relationship, but because they areobedientandcheap.

[35] In the electronics factory, do notshow off your wealth, especially for those who stay, do not putvaluablesin the dormitory, lest they will be missed.

What insights do you have in the electronics factory?

[36] In the electronics factory, you shouldkeep yourself cleanand stay away fromgamblers, otherwise the money earned byhard workmay be lostovernight.

[37] In the electronics factory, don’tfollow the gift of colleagues, just be afraid thatwill take out the money of, and thenwon’t get it back.

[38] In the electronics factory, the lonelymenwillsave money, and the lonelywomenwillsuffer losses.

[39] In the electronics factory, don’t tellyour secrettocolleagues, otherwise it will become a public secret.

[40] In the electronics factory, as long as you aredown-to-earth, you can achieve thedream of buying a house and a car, provided that you are at leastworking for more than 10 years.

What insights do you have in the electronics factory?

[41] In the electronics factory,cannot easilyfind someone to talk to, because doing so will affect thework efficiency of others, and affect theincome.

[42] In the electronics factory, you can only feel the warmth and warmth ofhuman feelingswhen you resign, but also make yourself becomemore mature.

[43] In the electronics factory, ifresigns, don’tcome in again, reallyhas no meaning, it can only show that you are reallydesperate.

[44] In the electronics factory, everything should betolerant,tolerant for a while,calmendure for several years,become a small leader.

[45] In the electronics factory, it is easy to be ageneral workerto lose oneself, and can’t find the original goalandideal, which may be lifelongordinary.

What insights do you have in the electronics factory?

[46] In the electronics factory, I realized that theteacher’ssentence:.

[47] In the electronics factory, do not drink the uncoverediced black teaandBabao porridge, do not step on theboardandblack plastic bag.

[48] In the electronics factory, thefake couplewho desecrate loveis spurned by someone.

[49] In the electronics factory, if you want toearn money, you mustkeep working overtime.

[50] In the electronics factory, do not trust love.

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