How serious are the consequences of having a second child blindly?

Very tired, very tired.

I was pregnant with a second child at the age of 35. Born at the age of 36. Having a second child, I don’t recommend having a child.

I am financially OK. Of course, I am also busy with my work. If you want to have a second child, you can’t afford it, but you can’t afford it.

Our family is a typical family.

I am my husband who works abroad all the year round. I returned home to give birth two months after I was pregnant with a second child. During this period, my husband asked for a month’s leave to accompany the baby, and left the eighth day after the baby was born.

My parents are far away. My mother helped me in the first month. After that, they are also busy with their own business.

While my parents-in-law are busy with small things, but they don’t care if they live opposite me. My eldest daughter was kicked out of the house. The couple should walk the dog or take the dog to the pet store for tourism. There is no time to see the children. Besides, there are three girls in the family. Our family also gives tens of thousands of money every year, and our parents-in-law has millions of dollars in hand. So people can think of it, enjoy life, and never help their children. Life is more natural!

In this case, I have to tutor the eldest child in junior high school, and the second child is still a baby who can’t take care of himself. I have to take care of both work and sideline work. The formal work is flexible. Later, I transferred a large area of sanitation to the field. The field work is tiring and no one can do it. I can’t do it myself when I take over. My father can help me work on the shift. When I’m too tired, I hire someone. It belongs to earning less and doing more. Sometimes I can hire people and cars by taking money, so no one in the unit said me. This will not delay me taking care of the children.

In this case, the heart is also very tired.

My eldest daughter went to junior high school, which happened to be a rebellious period. Although she agreed to give birth to a second child, she still needed a bowl of water in her life. The little girl was not sensible, and the big girl might be thoughtful. In particular, the Pisces in my family is cute on the surface and has a lot of ideas.

Since the second can walk, he rummages every day. If you haven’t seen it for a while, the room will be full of things.

I want to clean the two children. I am married naked, and we have to earn our own car and house deposits, so we live apart for a long time. I also have to work to help me to enjoy the material.

So when I work and take care of my baby, I am often exhausted.

Long rest is not good, body is out of shape, and face value falls precipitously.

No one to help me. I am very tired and have no freedom and no time for recreation.

My other friends who want a second child are tired of having someone to help the family. And no matter the family of your mother or your husband, there will be endless disputes.

Not every family is a high-quality family.

If the first child has no help, you will suffer. Then the second child is basically a reminder of aging and life.

In families with ordinary conditions, economic pressure will make men tired. Men who are not strong enough will hate their wives and children from the heart.

The birth of a second child increases the divorce rate. There is a case nearby that the family conditions are very good, the husband and wife have jobs, and the second child will also hire a nanny. But still divorced.

The elderly can’t be referred to as helplessness, weak family economic capacity, tense relationship between husband and wife, men who support their families unilaterally and have a sense of fatigue and poor health, and women who have poor personality and patience. I suggest letting go of the second child!

The second child is also an individual.

If you have no ability to pay for love and material, don’t pit the next generation.

If raising children is like that in the 1950s, it’s OK to have a meal. It doesn’t matter if education is not education.

In short, after giving birth to a second child, my heart is very tired. Pay less attention to the boss. The parent-child relationship is no longer pure.

The second child also costs me too much effort. Physical aging is more than ten years old.

In the past, my parents-in-law calculated my money. I laughed it off for the sake of my husband. During the epidemic last year, my husband earned more than 100000 yuan to be used by my parents-in-law. We can’t borrow money. I still haven’t let it go.

If only one child. I may not care too much. Having raised two children, my parents-in-law still exploited me like this. I’m really uncomfortable. The relationship with my husband is tense.

They will think I care, and I will feel aggrieved myself. Tired, I am too lazy to compromise. The heart is filled with indignation.

I was originally a cheerful and special person.

After giving birth to a second child, the body is tired, the spirit is depressed, and the eyes are less radiant.

In reality, I am more jealous of my family and always think about home and everything. No matter how wronged, I will not be ashamed of my parents-in-law. At most, I will stay away. It’s also my mother-in-law’s family who can dress. Occasionally work against his mother. My mother is relatively honest and can’t calculate people, but she doesn’t stray from her work, and her life is messy.

Thanks to the network, you can roast.

If life itself is nothing. Don’t blindly have a second child. A kind-hearted person pays more than he pays back, and leads a boring life. Prone to depression.

People with evil hearts treat their children as cash cow, which will destroy their family and their whole life.

I don’t believe that all women have children because they like them. I have seen too many people of the same age who are not living well. I want to have children and let them work hard to die so that they can be supported and happy in their later years.

I have an acquaintance. The man’s family condition is good, and the woman can’t do anything, that is, she avoids going out to work by giving birth to children. Thanks to my parents-in-law’s attention to all kinds of support for my grandchildren. Otherwise, none of the men’s wages can support them.

How serious are the consequences of having a second child blindly?

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