Gedunpai x9 notebook cost performance professional evaluation

The rapid upgrading of electronic products really makes everyone call”unable to catch up”. Before buying a notebook, in fact, everyone should first ask themselves, what is the purpose of buying a notebook? surf the internet? game? Or office? Maybe everyone has different requirements for notebooks

 gedunpai x9 notebook cost performance professional evaluation  

A survey shows that the price range of computers with the highest sales volume on tmall is often about 4000-8000 yuan. According to the general impression, the notebook computer at this price is either bulky or light but cramped. It is difficult to have the best of both worlds. But now, the notebook computer that can solve this problem has emerged: the latest gedunpai x9 notebook computer

The object we got this time is a star model, mainly frosted silver white, with a very beautiful color. It is a laptop suitable for both men and women

Gedunpai x9 notebook can work anywhere thanks to its thin and light body, which can be easily lifted with one hand. It is more suitable for Xiaobian, who needs to revise the manuscript at any time and often travels on business. Opening the notebook, we can see that the most popular 15.6-inch ultra narrow frame IPS full screen is adopted on the B side, with a resolution of 1920*1080, which can restore the picture details to the greatest extent

 gedunpai x9 notebook cost performance professional evaluation  

The keyboard adopts a full-size design and is equipped with a backlight effect. The silver light conforms to the overall sense of science and technology. The key stroke is shorter than that of the notebook I am currently using. For me, who often type, this key stroke is very comfortable and the feedback is powerful. If I type for too long, I won’t feel tired fingers

 gedunpai x9 notebook cost performance professional evaluation  

Gedunpai x9 provides users with sufficient expansion interfaces. On the left side of the fuselage, there is a USB3.0 socket, a power socket and an HDMI. On the right side of the fuselage, there are two USB3.0 sockets and an audio socket. In general, this interface design can meet most of the needs of users, and can handle data transmission, video output and peripheral connection with ease

The back of the notebook has a large cooling port, which can greatly improve the cooling efficiency, but the sound it makes is very quiet

 gedunpai x9 notebook cost performance professional evaluation  

Let’s talk about the hardware configuration. The gedunpai x9 is equipped with a core i5 quad core Quad wire processor. The main frequency is 2.3ghz, and the Rui frequency can reach up to 3.8ghz, which brings quite good performance. Coupled with 1tgb SSD high-speed solid state disk and 16GB operating memory, it brings a stronger source power to the thin notebook. Its transmission speed and read-write speed are 3-5 times that of ordinary hard disk

After actual measurement, for the common office software CAD and the large game hero League lol, the loading speed of these two software is very fast, the CAD is smooth and unimpeded, the frame number of lol is stable at about 50-70 frames in the fierce group war, and the temperature control is also relatively good, only about 50-60 ℃

 gedunpai x9 notebook cost performance professional evaluation  

 gedunpai x9 notebook cost performance professional evaluation  

To sum up: this gedunpai x9 notebook meets several pain points when most groups buy notebooks. First, the appearance is exquisite and generous, with a sense of class; Second, the price performance ratio is high, and the high configuration version is only in the early 3000 yuan; Third, the configuration is balanced and practical. There is no unnecessary vase function. Even a thousand yuan budget can help you spend money on the cutting edge

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