The “New Rural Cooperative Medical System” will be suspended for one year, and can it be paid again in a few years? What will be the impact of withholding?

In fact, the rural cooperative fund has reached 350 yuan a year, which is really not worth paying. Why? I’ll see if I can calculate with you.

Take me as an example. Last year, 320 people and four people in my family paid 1280 yuan, and they have not been in hospital for five years, and nearly paid 5000 yuan. This year, when the child was ill, the hospital spent 3000 yuan, and reimbursed 700 yuan. Even the 1280 yuan of agricultural cooperative fund last year was not used up. The average person in a family who is ill and hospitalized is cured at about 5000 yuan, and the reimbursement for rural cooperative medical care is about 1800 yuan. The rural cooperative medical care paid by a patient every year is basically the same. If a family does not get sick for three years, it will lose money.

The rural cooperative medical system cannot report serious illness and minor illness. For serious illness, the average hospitalization cost is thousands of yuan, unless cancer and leukemia are seriously ill, but how much can this be reported? The minor illness doesn’t need to be hospitalized, and the clinic and health center can treat it, but it can’t be reimbursed. So I won’t pay it when the rural cooperative medical service has risen to 350 a year.

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