How to participate in Apple’s iOS internal test? You may not know there is an internal test

The latest iOS version is 16.3. What is the next version? What are the functions? In fact, installing the beta version is enough. The following is for your use

Two methods for beta iOS:

How to participate in Apple's iOS internal test? You may not know there is an internal test


First, go to the official website

Since it is Apple’s iOS, there must be an installation link on the official website. The following is the only first-hand official link I know.

1, open Safari browser (Baidu cannot install the description file)

How to participate in Apple's iOS internal test? You may not know there is an internal test

Safari browser can be found in” Tools”

2. Enter (register and) the installation description file (I have registered, the actual situation is subject to the website)

How to participate in Apple's iOS internal test? You may not know there is an internal test

At present, I can only write so much, and I will update it later!

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