What would you do if you spent 15 yuan and won 60 million?

What would you do if you spent 15 yuan and won 60 million?

Start with a lottery ticket:

If you win 60 million yuan for 15 yuan,

We must start with a lottery ticket,

This is a super lottery of sports lottery,

The Super Lotto opened on November 30, 2022.

What would you do if you spent 15 yuan and won 60 million?

The lottery lottery draw:

This is a man from Jinan, Mr. Zhang,

He passed by the lottery shop with a rosy face,

At the Hero Hill Road Lottery in Shizhong District,

Play a five-fold lottery ticket,

Spent 15 yuan to win five first prizes,

The total bonus amount is up to 61.22 million yuan.

What would you do if you spent 15 yuan and won 60 million?

Donate 100000 yuan:

Since Mr. Zhang bought this lottery ticket,

I didn’t care too much,

It took me a month to find out that I had won the grand prize.

I learned that I won 61.22 million yuan in a lottery ticket with 15 yuan.

Mr. Zhang is certainly ecstatic,

I made a decision on the spot when I received the prize,

Donated 100000 yuan from the bonus.

What would you do if you spent 15 yuan and won 60 million?

I will donate:

Back to the question:

If I spend 15 yuan and win 60 million,

The first thing to do is to donate,

In particular, recent earthquakes occurred in Türkiye and Syria,

According to the latest news,

The strong earthquake has killed more than 20000 people in Türkiye and Syria

It is reported that:

Relevant officials and medical staff said that

The earthquake caused 17674 deaths in Türkiye,

3377 people died in Syria

Experts fear that the death toll may rise sharply.

At present, the rescue is still in progress.

What would you do if you spent 15 yuan and won 60 million?

Community of human destiny:

In the face of natural disasters,

How small and helpless human beings are,

And mankind is a community of destiny!

I wish for world peace,

I wish Türkiye an early recovery.

In the face of natural disasters,

How fragile human life is,

How many lives are consumed by a disaster,

May the dead rest in peace!

I am willing to donate one million yuan to Türkiye for earthquake relief.

What would you do if you spent 15 yuan and won 60 million?

Save money:

The next day is not easy,

Because 61.22 million donated 1 million,

There are 60.22 million left,

I’m worried about how to spend 60 million!

And the most important thing in life is to be happy 😊,

Why worry about money when you have no money?

It’s a little simpler:

Save money

Bank 🏦 Large deposits,

Interest: 5-year interest: 4.2%.

Interest 60000000 * 4.2%=2520000 yuan/year,

2520000/365=6904 yuan per day.

What would you do if you spent 15 yuan and won 60 million?

You have money

After having money,

I am in the bank every day 🏦 Take out 6904 yuan,

Then make a plan to spend money every day 💰 Finish.

(Today’s money is paid today and tomorrow’s money is withdrawn tomorrow)

Plan 1:

Stay in a hotel 🏨 presidential suite,

The control amount is 2000 yuan (including breakfast);

Plan II:

Choose one of the best gyms on a monthly basis,

The control amount is 1500 yuan (including lunch);

Plan III:

Choose the best massage room,

The control amount is 2000 yuan (including dinner).

[Note: The rest of the money for transportation and tips must be spent!]

What would you do if you spent 15 yuan and won 60 million?


See here,

Someone must say I’m a cheapskate,

Someone said:

It’s too stingy. I won 61 million and I’m willing to donate 60 million!


What you said is reasonable,

Everyone has their own ideas,

Different is different.

Others said to me with worry and concern:

I’m worried that 60 million won’t cure your disease.”

What’s wrong with me?

I’m fine Don’t worry about me!

What would you do if you spent 15 yuan and won 60 million?

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