Read all apple wwdc2022: M2 chip MacBook Air becomes the protagonist

At 1:00 a.m. this evening, apple wwdc2022 arrived as scheduled. At the press conference, Apple released system software updates such as IOS 16 and watchos9. At the same time, it also brought new M2 chip, liuhaiping MacBook Air equipped with M2 chip, M2 MacBook Pro 13 and other new hardware products

 read apple wwdc2022: the M2 chip MacBook Air plays a leading role

poor IOS 16

 read apple wwdc2022: the M2 chip MacBook Air plays a leading role

What can be regarded as a huge update is that the messages sent by IMessage in IOS 16 can be withdrawn and re edited, although wechat has used this function as early as 3 years ago

 read apple wwdc2022: the M2 chip MacBook Air plays a leading role

There is also a function that seems to be quite fun – —- video look up. As long as users long press the main body in the picture, such as a dog, they can separate it from the background, and then drag it to SMS, memo and other apps. A lot of tedious operations such as matting, pasting and copying can be realized in one step, just like magic

 read apple wwdc2022: the M2 chip MacBook Air plays a leading role

Without applecar, Carplay will do the trick. The upgraded IOS 16 system can be more deeply integrated with the vehicle hardware system. The mobile phone and the car’s large screen are integrated into a middle end. After connecting, Carplay will be integrated with the entire dashboard. Some commonly used small plug-in functions of iPhone can also be operated in the dashboard

 read apple wwdc2022: the M2 chip MacBook Air plays a leading role

watchos 9– focus on exercise and health

 read apple wwdc2022: the M2 chip MacBook Air plays a leading role

In terms of sports health app, watchos 9 has added three new running posture detection indicators. The gyroscope can be used to monitor the vertical movement index, step length and bottom touch time of the user when running, so as to formulate the most suitable training intensity for the user

As an intelligent wearable device, the watchos 9 on the apple watch has also updated the sleep monitoring function. For users with atrial fibrillation symptoms, watchos 9 can record the history of atrial fibrillation at any time and generate a PDF to the doctor. Watchos 9 also added a medication app to help users record the times and times of taking drugs, and warn users of possible conflicts between drugs

liuhaiping and M2 chip MacBook Air become highlights

 read apple wwdc2022: the M2 chip MacBook Air plays a leading role

It adopts a 13.6-inch banged screen design, with a brightness of 500nit and a narrower frame. The front camera is upgraded to 1080p level, supports touch ID, and has four speakers

 read apple wwdc2022: the M2 chip MacBook Air plays a leading role

In terms of core specifications, it is equipped with M2 processor, up to 8-core CPU and 10 core GPU, up to 24GB memory and 2TB hard disk

 read apple wwdc2022: the M2 chip MacBook Air plays a leading role

M2 is manufactured by the enhanced second generation 5nm process and integrates more than 20 billion transistors, an increase of 25% over M1

In terms of price, the 2022 MacBook Air notebook starts at $1199, and the education version starts at $1099. It will be available in July

16 major ipados upgrades

 read apple wwdc2022: the M2 chip MacBook Air plays a leading role

In terms of games, the game center of ipados 16 has added an activity function, which allows you to compete with your friends at any time

 read apple wwdc2022: the M2 chip MacBook Air plays a leading role

In addition to these updates, ipados 16 has also made targeted adjustments for a large number of apps, so that every user can experience the desktop level creative experience; The new reference mode can provide more accurate color display, and the new front desk scheduling function of MacOS will also be inherited from this

In general, the software upgrade of this wwdc2022 creators’ conference is not outstanding, but the biggest highlight is on some hardware products, which may be more meaningful to ordinary consumers

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