Five hours after the death of the warrior, Kuri showed his power again, killing red eyes

On May 8, in the third series between the warriors and the Grizzlies, the death of the warriors reappeared. By 7:30 in the fourth quarter, it was 115:97, leading by 18 points. It should be no problem to win this game. Curry scored 25 points and made up to 10 free throws.

Star player performance:

Morant: 32 points and 7 assists. He led the team against the warriors on his own.

 Five hours after the death of the warrior, he showed his power again, and curry killed his red eyes

 Five hours after the death of the warrior, he showed his power again, and curry killed his red eyes

 Five hours after the death of the warrior, he showed his power again, and curry killed his red eyes

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