What kind of middle-aged men have you seen who are most out of touch with society?

A colleague of our company is conservative and almost out of touch with modern society. He has the following performances that can surprise modern people:

Second, because there is no WeChat, it is impossible to move without scanning the code during the epidemic. He can only carry his ID card with him, and let the staff manually register the ID card and phone number when he goes to the mall or other units to do business.

Third, the company stopped paying cash wages more than ten years ago, and asked everyone to provide a bank account number to facilitate the transfer of all kinds of income. Others reported the bank card number while others reported the passbook number. After paying the salary every month, insist on going to the bank to print the passbook so as to know how much money you have paid.

4. Never apply for any credit card, no matter relatives, friends or colleagues persuade them not to do so. I think that the free use of credit card overdraft must be a fraud, and I simply can’t be fooled.

5. He worked together in the logistics and general affairs work in the company. Although computers have been popular in the company for more than 20 years, he can’t type with computers. When writing materials, he wrote them by hand and asked the typist to print them, and then handed them to the relevant departments of the company.

VI. After work every day, he insisted on turning off the lights in the office and corridor before going out. For this reason, although he was praised by the unit leader and disdained by everyone else, he went his own way and persevered.

VII. Keep the air conditioner on at least 26 degrees in the unit, unlike the young people in the unit who drive it to 18 degrees.

VIII. In winter, as the temperature drops, he increases his clothes. At the coldest time, he wears the thickest cotton pants. The indoor heating is too sufficient. He often gets too hot, so he simply turns down the heating. Unlike the young people in the unit, they basically wear only one pair of autumn pants in winter.

9. He retired at the end of this year, but he still manages logistics seriously. Anyone who takes things must carefully verify and sign on the register.

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