Who is happier, the only child or the non-only child?

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, not absolutely. The only child has its advantages and disadvantages. Neighbors and my family are a sharp contrast.

The neighbor is an only child. His parents are still alive, and he can eat and wear without worry. He drinks and lives like an immortal all day. The three of our brothers, whose food and clothing are in the careful plan of their parents, have a good talent. They passed the examination with excellent grades, and the second brother studies very well. When they were in high school, their mother fell ill and spent a lot of money in the hospital. In order to provide for the second brother to go to school, I resolutely gave up school and worked for the second brother to go to school. Fortunately, the help of my relatives made the second brother finish his studies and go to 211 University. I was also good at learning. I was a member of the study committee in my class. But seeing the current family situation, I made up my mind not to go to school. I worked to earn money to fight hunger and provide my mother with medicine to cure illness. I really said that my family was exhausted at that time

Who is happier, the only child or the non-only child?Who is happier, the only child or the non-only child?

Don’t mention that meal. Five years later, my mother was ill again and spent more than 100000 yuan in the hospital. Our brother shared equally among the three. If each person was not high, it would not affect his life. Our neighbor became a new poor family in our village because of his father’s treatment. You say that the only child is better or the non-only child is better. The answer is clear!

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