Southgate: France is the biggest test England will face in the quarter finals

# 2022 World Cup#

Southgate: France is the biggest test England will face in the quarter finals

Southgate: France is the biggest test England faces in the World Cup

The Three Lions will face the Gallic Rooster in the quarter finals of the World Cup

Sosgate’s team defeated Senegal 3-0 to reach the last eight, while France defeated Poland 3-1;

France is the defending champion. Southgate:”This is the biggest test we may face.”

Since the turn of the century, the Three Lions have only defeated the French team once in seven matches with the Gaul cock.

Deschamps’ team won the World Cup in Russia in 2018.

Southgate:”They are world champions, with incredible talent and team depth. They are difficult to deal with and difficult to score, so this is a difficult challenge and a wonderful game.”

The match between England and France is the second quarter final after Argentina vs Netherlands.

Southgate:”The two confirmed quarter finals are epic competitions.”

“You can compete with the best competitors.”

France easily defeated Poland with Mbape’s double goal and Giroux’s goal. Mbape has scored five goals in four World Cup matches, becoming the top scorer.

In the final of France’s victory over Croatia in 2018, the 23-year-old Mbape also scored.

Sosgate said:”Mbape is a world-class player and has made important contributions to this competition and previous competitions.”

“Gretzman has played more than 70 games for France, and I think he is also a phenomenal player.”

“We know Giroux very well, and they also have excellent young midfielders. When we study French players of all ages, you will find that they have incredible talent in every position.”


Southgate: Sterling is on his way back to England

Before the start of the game, there was news that Sterling could not participate in the England game because of”family problems”. Later, there was news that some armed men had broken into Sterling’s home. Southgate confirmed that the Chelsea striker would return to England.

Southgate:”Sterling has to deal with family problems, so if he wants to return to England, we must give him time to solve this problem and help his family. This is the most important thing at present.”

“This will not affect the team’s choice.”

“He is on his way home. His privacy needs to be respected, so we don’t want to talk too much about details.”

“Before an important game, this is not ideal for our whole team, but in some moments, individuals are more important than teams.”


Southgate: France is the biggest test England will face in the quarter finals

Gary Neville: Bellingham looks omnipotent

Roy Keane: Bellingham acts like a world-class midfielder

Bellingham played an important role in the 3 Lions’ 3-0 victory over Senegal.

Neville:”It is rare to see a midfielder in his own half as comfortable as he is in the offensive half, and he seems to be able to do everything. Is he a ball player or an offensive player? He integrates everything and is too comprehensive.”

“His body is great, so young, but he is calm, mature and fearless.”

“I have seen England players for many years, and it is very heavy to wear this shirt. He seems to have no feeling at all, as if he was born there.”

Keane said that he rarely saw a teenager show such a high level in his first World Cup knockout match.

Keane:”I haven’t seen a young midfielder perform like this for many years. You usually see it in world-class players aged 26 or 27.”

“He has matured, his decision-making ability and everything he has done in the game. This is very important for a midfielder.”

Southgate: France is the biggest test England will face in the quarter finals

Kane: Bellingham is one of the best young people

England captain Harry Cain scored his first goal in the match against Senegal, largely thanks to Bellingham’s assists.

Cain only played one top league game at his age. When asked if Bellingham was one of the best young players in the world, he agreed.

Cain:”He is a top player. I think he is an excellent player. He controls everything, runs and steals on the court whether there is a ball or not.”

“He can break through with the ball, run to meet without the ball, and pass directly. He is very important for our goals. I like Bellingham, who is more mature than his peers and has good leadership.”

“What I want to say is to keep learning and working. He has a long way to go, and I believe he will continue to make progress. It’s really good for him to be with us.”

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