NZXT releases N5 and N7 motherboards based on Intel z690 processor

nzxt has released new N5 and N7 motherboards based on Intel z690 chipset. The company acknowledges that the z690 N5 and N7 motherboards represent the latest upgrades to Intel’s 12th generation alder Lake processors. Alder Lake chip continues to rank first in the best game processor in 2022, and the z690 motherboard should also support the 13th generation Intel Core Raptor Lake processor.

 NZXT releases N5 and N7 mainboards based on Intel z690 processor

nzxt N5 z690 and N7 z690 are very similar, but the latter is one level higher than the former, thanks to more advanced power phase design, better sound and PCB appearance covered with matte white and matte black finishes, and provides higher stability at higher clock speeds.

interestingly, NZXT uses DDR4 memory on its z690 processor based motherboard. This is a very pragmatic choice with great advantages.

storage expansion options vary from motherboard to motherboard. The cheaper NZXT N5 z690 has an additional m.2 storage slot that supports PCIe 4.0 X4 and SATA interfaces. The N7 z690 has a stronger WiFi signal, more USB ports and an upgraded built-in audio interface. For those who do not install a separate PCIe sound card, the difference in sound will be important for those who do not use an external sound card.

nzxt also provides these two motherboards with built-in RGB connectors and control options. They both support four RGB interfaces and seven cooling fan interfaces, which can be configured using NZXT cam.

the new NZXT N5 and N7 z690 series motherboards are now available in black or white. N5 is 240 dollars (about 1600 yuan) and N7 is 300 dollars (about 2000 yuan). Don’t say why there is only US dollar price, because I can’t find it in China. Sorry, everyone!

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