Why is luxury appraisal so popular in Asia?

 why is luxury appraisal so popular only in Asia?

Luxury appraiser, an emerging profession attached to the secondary luxury industry in recent years, has attracted the attention of many young people on a small scale, but at the same time, most people are still unfamiliar with it, especially in the western market, which is an unpopular profession. On the one hand, Europe and the United States are very strict in the investigation and handling of fake goods. Once the production and sale of fake goods are found, the punishment is very strong; On the other hand, the possibility of foreign fake and luxury goods entering the country is extremely low. Some netizens who have been purchasing on behalf of others in the UK for 8 years said that once the British customs has doubts about your luxury brand luggage, clothing, watches or jewelry, they will immediately seize them and send them to the inspection and testing channels for luxury appraisal, but the trouble is that the whole luxury appraisal process may take up to one year

The reason why the luxury goods appraisal industry can prevail in Asia, especially in Japan and China, is not only because the customer groups in these two regions have increasing demand for luxury goods, but also driven by different market phenomena. As far as Japan is concerned, the main reason why the luxury goods appraisal industry can take root is that it is a middle ancient industrial power ranked among the best in Asia and the world. In the middle ages, the Japanese language was”Yi” which originally meant second-hand luxury goods. The reason why there are so many second-hand luxury goods in Japan at present is that in the 1970s, Japan experienced post-war reconstruction and economic explosion, and a large number of middle-class people had a lot of disposable cash in their hands, so they showed off their wealth by buying luxury goods crazily. Therefore, Japan’s luxury industry is booming. However, after the bursting of the economic foam, the Japanese people gradually began to return to rational consumption and resell the luxury goods they would no longer use. After the government issued a sound second-hand trading policy, a variety of Zhonggu stores came into being

 why is luxury appraisal so popular only in Asia?

In fact, although Europe, the United States and Japan also have stable medieval industries, their painting styles are very different. A large part of the clothes sold in medieval stores in Europe and America have no brand value, but they are favored by customers because of their relatively low prices and unique styles, aiming to match a unique style with a small sum of money. However, relatively speaking, the proportion of second-hand luxury goods is not so large

Most of the Japanese medieval stores are more in line with the assumption that Asians can accept, and are also the embryonic form of some domestic medieval stores. It is more appropriate to call them second-hand luxury stores than medieval stores. The quality of luxury handbags all over the wall is far behind the wrinkled”treasures of the town” in medieval stores in Europe and America. The expensive jewelry at the counter can be sold at a price as low as 10% or 20% off, and the out of print styles in the market can also be found in these stores. Therefore, the medieval luxury appraisal industry has been integrated into the mainstream culture in Japan

 why is luxury appraisal so popular only in Asia?

In China, the rapid development of the luxury goods identification industry may be attributed to the business opportunities smelled by illegal businesses from”luxury goods imitation”, that is, fake goods. From top-level high-end imitations with one-to-one packaging and trademarks to low-level imitations with similar shape and printing, this gray industrial chain dedicated to luxury goods is extremely perfect in China. Some insiders said frankly:”counterfeits of luxury brands or popular products are more popular, such as the ‘four King Kong’ of Lv. There are also a lot of fake products of Hermes on the market, which are basically super high imitations that ordinary people can’t distinguish. For brands or styles that are very popular, counterfeiters don’t necessarily have this template to make, and even if they are made, they may not sell.”

in the case of a large amount of investment in brand publicity and physical store operation, the gross profit of many luxury brands is still as high as 90%, while the gross profit of imitations is even much higher than that of luxury brands because they do not need to invest this part of the cost it is difficult to monitor suppliers’ counterfeiting, couriers’ missing items and hiding them, and even some buyers’ intentional transfer of authentic products after purchase. In the final analysis, they are eyeing the profit space of almost the same value behind tens of thousands of bags

 why is luxury appraisal so popular only in Asia?

Of course, the reason why fake goods can have more and more market is also because the demand for real goods is growing In the past two years, no matter which social platform will eventually become an arena to show off wealth, especially in platforms focusing on the fashion field such as xiaohongshu and Tiktok, shopping and sharing of luxury goods can be seen almost everywhere. Many users said that while browsing these posts, they could not help feeling that”buying luxury goods is like buying cabbage”

The background of the prevailing consumerism makes people eager to buy luxury goods at a lower price, so that the money saved can buy another bag. However, the seemingly more convenient e-commerce platform and overseas online shopping agency often substitute inferior goods for genuine goods, which makes consumers who do not purchase products through official channels sharply increase their dependence on luxury goods identification

When they seek identification services from luxury counters, such requests are basically rejected“the brand side does not allow the counter staff to identify on behalf of the brand side, and most of the counter brothers and sisters do not have this ability.” the teachers of Meimo luxury goods Appraisal Training Center analyzed the reason why the counter did not provide appraisal services. In this case, consumers can either close their eyes and take the fake seriously, or they can only seek the help of a third-party identification on the other hand, nowadays, the Zhonggu stores in the first tier cities are blooming everywhere, almost saturated most of the domestic mediaeval industries refer to the style of Japanese mediaeval stores and focus on second-hand luxury goods. Therefore, it also contributes to the growing popularity of the luxury goods appraisal industry.

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