Now the monthly income is 5000 or 6000, and the family is under great pressure. Do the gods have any sidelines to recommend?

I have two sidelines, which can relieve family pressure. I can earn 100-150 yuan a day, and pay a little attention to it. I can earn 4000-5000 yuan a month. It is not difficult to choose batch operation, and it is not difficult to earn 10000 yuan a day. Moreover, its operation threshold is low, and it is very fast to get started, and it does not need any other capital investment. Only one mobile phone can do it, I can share the specific operation methods of these two sidelines:

Now the monthly income is 5000 or 6000, and the family is under great pressure. Do the gods have any sidelines to recommend?

The first sideline is the headline question and answer, which is 100-150 yuan per day.

There is no qualitative standard answer for headline question and answer. As long as you write truthfully and plainly, with subjectivity, argumentation, discussion, pertinence, reference, learning, and positive energy, you can be recognized by others. In a few days, you can open the revenue authority of headline question and answer.

My headline Q&A earns 20-40 yuan for every 10000 times of reading, and more than 100 yuan for almost 40000 times of reading. But most of my headline Q&A earns 200-300 yuan for more than 80000 times of reading.

I still have a lot of headline questions with income of 400-500 yuan, and 600-800 yuan are not a few. There are also four headline questions with 1000 yuan. A recent hot money question and answer earned 1683 yuan, which is still rising.

Headline Q&A is very simple. You can choose topics according to your hobbies, such as life, workplace, emotion, education, food, travel, agriculture, agriculture, electronics, health, clothing, skin care, finance, automobile, entertainment, literature, traditional Chinese culture, history, and so on.

Another very good way to do headline Q&A is to select topics according to my professional background. For example, I am an Internet entrepreneur. The questions I answer are basically related to entrepreneurship, employment and sideline. Because I have experience, experience and income in this field, the headline Q&A I answer can be recognized by many people. Relatively, the income will be more and more.

I will pay attention to a particularly important detail when I answer the headline question. I usually choose the question within the past one year to answer, and there are more than 200 answers and more than 1000 collections. The most important thing is that this question should have more than 250000 reading. Because such questions have social concerns, the probability of the answered question becoming a hot money is very high.

I have a friend who has been retired for three years. Because his retirement salary is not high and his spare time is usually sufficient, he especially wants to find a sideline job. Later, in our chat, he learned the headline question and answer.

Although he has only a primary school education, it does not affect his creation. In only two days, he has increased to 100 fans, and has opened the revenue permission of the headline question and answer. Now, he can earn more than 100 yuan a day, and at the highest time, he can earn more than 300 yuan a day.

Now the monthly income is 5000 or 6000, and the family is under great pressure. Do the gods have any sidelines to recommend?

The second sideline is headline audio, with a daily income of 100-150 yuan.

Now many Baoma, white-collar workers, doctors, nurses, teachers, employees, takeout brothers and retired aunts are doing this, because the platform has no specific requirements for voice, Mandarin and local dialect can be done, and the platform also has benefits and subsidies.

I started making headline audio in July last year. Unlike videos and articles, it doesn’t need to be photographed by myself, nor does it need to work hard to write a copy. It only needs to record original audio and audio clips.

Recording your own original audio is very simple. For example, you can read online novels, prose poems, human history, etc., and you can also share your career experience, emotional stories, childcare knowledge, etc.

Audio editing is based on local materials. It can be uploaded and published after learning from other people’s materials on the Internet and slightly pruning. For example, some public lectures and public speeches without copyright disputes, such as military lectures, education lectures, health lectures, workplace lectures, business lectures, three rural speeches, emotional speeches, entertainment speeches, etc.

When I first started making headlines, I took some detours, earning at most 0.5 yuan a day. After finding experience later, I could earn 15 yuan a day. Then I could earn 100 yuan a day. In half a month, my traffic was stable, about 40000 to 50000 plays, earning more than 100 yuan. Later, I began to manage multiple sets of accounts, basically making more than 100 yuan a day.

Now the monthly income is 5000 or 6000, and the family is under great pressure. Do the gods have any sidelines to recommend?

So far, my studio’s audio account has made a lot of audio editing works. One account is stable at about 100 yuan per day. Now four sets of accounts are working, earning 400-500 yuan per day.

The two sidelines shared above are very suitable for people with low wages and high family pressure. They do not need to invest and consume, and do not take up too much time. As long as you put a little effort, you can earn 100-200 yuan a day to subsidize the family.

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