Apple prices! How can Xiaobai check his iphone13 online to avoid being cheated?

With the competition among major platforms, and the upcoming launch date of iphone14 is approaching. Although it hasn’t reached 618 recently, the price of Apple 13 on all major platforms has dropped again, and even dropped to more than 4000 yuan Step 1: retain the receipt evidence

You can record unpacking videos or take relevant photos to retain relevant evidence of receipt

Note that when taking photos or recording videos, we must record the relevant express order number and other important information, otherwise we will just record loneliness. At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the relevant express packages are extruded and deformed

After unpacking, we need to record or shoot the information behind the mobile phone box, especially the IMEI number, which can prove that the mobile phone you are holding is the mobile phone with this serial number

 Apple cut prices! How can Xiaobai check his iphone13 online to avoid being cheated?

Step 2 check whether the mobile phone is back sealed

The first is to observe whether there is any sign of disassembly on the external packaging of our mobile phones. If so, we need to immediately take relevant evidence and contact our sales side. When observing the iphone13 mobile phone, especially after it is not plastic sealed, it is necessary to check whether the seal is bulging and has obvious signs of separation. Because the original mobile phone seal will not bulge

 Apple cut prices! How can Xiaobai check his iphone13 online to avoid being cheated?

Step 3 check whether the apple official website is new

To see if the apple mobile phone is activated, you must find the serial number on the apple official website. The serial number is on the serial number at the back of your box. If”please activate your device” is displayed on Apple’s official website, it means that you have bought a brand-new apple that has not been activated

 Apple cut prices! How can Xiaobai check his iphone13 online to avoid being cheated?

Step 4 turn on the phone and check the IMEI code

Take out the card slot first. After the mobile phone is turned on, check whether the IMEI code on the card slot of the mobile phone is completely consistent with the IMEI code displayed on the mobile phone screen and the IMEI code behind the box. If it is consistent, it means it is the original machine

 Apple cut prices! How can Xiaobai check his iphone13 online to avoid being cheated?

Step 5 check mobile phone details

Check whether the mobile phone has obvious use traces such as bumps, scratches and ash. If not, congratulations on getting a safe new iPhone

 Apple cut prices! How can Xiaobai check his iphone13 online to avoid being cheated?

After such inspection, we are no longer afraid of the pit of buying mobile phones online, but we still hope that we can buy them on regular websites to avoid being cheated. Today, check whether Apple mobile phone is a new skill. Have you learned it

 Apple cut prices! How can Xiaobai check his iphone13 online to avoid being cheated?

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