There are tooth marks in front of the tongue, and the tongue coating is light yellow — the way to lose weight by mistake (10)

When I woke up, on May 19, my first Bigu weight loss has entered the 11th day. In good condition, I only wanted to cut off food for a day or two. Because I didn’t have a strong sense of hunger, I turned to try the legendary Bigu. I insisted on it for 11 days. According to my body’s feeling, the intermediate goal of 14 days should be no problem.

When I go to the bathroom and wash, my face becomes ruddy and bright. I opened my mouth and looked at the tongue coating. The tongue coating was not thick. It turned from dark yellow to light yellow a few days ago, but I found that there were obvious tooth marks at the front end of the tongue. It shows that my spleen and stomach are still weak. It is estimated that this can not be solved completely by Pigu, nor can it be cured in a short time. Go to traditional Chinese medicine for conditioning when you have time.

On the 10th day, I fell asleep at 11:05 p.m. and got up at 6:05 a.m. and slept for 6 hours and 25 minutes at night. Not so well.

The weight was 91.1 kg, 0.75 kg and 1.5 kg less than 91.85 kg the day before, and 8.15 kg and 16.3 kg less than 100 kg before Bigu. BMI30. 3. It was 0.2 lower than 30.5 of the previous day, and other indicators remained unchanged from the previous day.

On duty today, the road to the unit is super smooth. At 7:00, the traffic flow of the second ring road is comparable to that of the Spring Festival holiday. It arrived at the unit in 13 minutes.

Two meetings were held in the morning to deal with some business. I made a small cooked Pu’er brick with an elegant cup and drank two cups of strong tea. I went for a walk after pedicure at noon and walked more than 6000 steps.

I drank two cups of tea in the afternoon. The tea in the afternoon was lighter than that in the morning. The quality of the small square bricks I drank was average, so I could make four or five bubbles.

Get off work after five. I stopped by for a haircut. The Third Ring Road home is still very smooth. I didn’t step on the brakes in the whole process. If I drive like this every day in Beijing, I will save at least half of my fuel bill. But if this is true every day, it is estimated that the economy will not be able to see.

At 6:30 p.m., I still felt acid in my stomach. I drank a glass of ginger honey water and felt much better.

Go downstairs for a run at 7:30, with a pace of 9:30 and three kilometers. When opening the valley, the physical strength was still not higher than usual. I felt a little tired at the 9:30 pace, and my heart rate was always about 145. The sweat is obviously a little more than a few days ago. Stretch for 5 minutes after running.

When I got home, I took a warm bath. All bath products are made of Chinese herbal medicine. Because in the past, I saw a saying that it is best to take a cold bath and use Chinese herbal medicine during the valley opening period. I was still a little afraid to try cold water, so I had to take a warm bath and use Chinese herbal medicine.

After taking a bath, I went to bed and lay down for a while. I couldn’t sleep. It may be the reason why I drank tea in the afternoon. After lying for 40 or 50 minutes, I still don’t feel sleepy, accompanied by occasional stomach acid. It’s very light and can bear it.

After a while, I was confused. Look forward to an energetic tomorrow.

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