Besides money, what can most move the heart of middle-aged women?

There was a man who wanted to talk to me and said that he gave me a set of skin care products, three bottles of which were bought from South Korea. He told me that it was good and spent 100 yuan. I thought it was not as expensive as my brush and eyebrow pencil.

There was a man who wanted to accost me and asked me to have dinner. What would he eat? He said he would take you to a big restaurant, which is the kind with fried dishes. He called it a big restaurant. As long as I want to go to a restaurant like this, I can afford to eat at any time without heartache.

Besides money, what can most move the heart of middle-aged women?

As a 40+middle-aged woman, there is no big money but small money. If a man wants to impress me with money, he must have some financial strengthBecause my current consumption, though not extravagant, has exceeded that of ordinary women

My clothes and skin care products are also not cheap. I bought clothes from Brother, Yiner, Enshang and Tri-color flagship stores. In summer, I bought more than 500 pairs of pants, 700 pieces of underwear and three pieces at a timeIt is estimated that many ordinary women will be shocked when they see it, and ordinary men will also have flesh pain

Skin care products have been imported all the time. Lancome small black bottle of muscle base liquid is used for more than one month in 30ml, and the 100ml bottle is used up in 3 months at most. Lancome small black bottle is my anti-aging product all the year round. It has never been interrupted. There is no wrinkle on the face, and the contour is very tight.

Moreover, I have many kinds of skin care products. I need to use more than ten kinds of skin care products just for one face wash.

Five kinds of makeup remover, facial cleanser, water and light essence can be added at one time, and 14 kinds of skin care products are needed to wash the face once, including essence cream, sunscreen, isolation, foundation make-up, makeup setting powder, and Shu Cun Xiu eyebrow pencil. It doesn’t include brushes, cleaning solution for washing brushes, makeup eggs, facial cleaners and other tools. Brushes are not cheap, either. They are bought by Sephora’s family. A thick one is more than 300, and a thin one is more than 100.

Besides money, what can most move the heart of middle-aged women?

If a middle-aged woman like me wants to smash me with money and conquer me with money, this man is definitely not an ordinary worker, but at least a gold-collar with a certain culture and status. It is a problem for ordinary men to raise their wives and children with a little money. Will they give me thousands of dollars every month?

As a middle-aged woman, I am also an emotional animal. I can’t be moved by material things. It doesn’t mean I can’t be moved by sincerity and heart. I like people with clean appearance, tall figure, a little intelligence, a little connotation, and a little humor. It would be better if you could walk around me for 8-12 hours a day

Such a person as I have such high requirements can be met or not, and I will probably never meet him in my life.

Besides money, what can most move the heart of middle-aged women?

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