How many people who borrowed online loans were frozen with WeChat change, Alipay and bank cards?

According to the data of the China Information Implementation Open Network, as of September 28, 2020, the number of people who have been dishonest in the process of publication has reached 6.05 million;

How many people who borrowed online loans were frozen with WeChat change, Alipay and bank cards?

If you don’t pay back the money you owe, you may be listed as a dishonest person to be executed, commonly known as a”rogue”. According to the latest data above, this situation is widespread, leading to bad debts in many projects.

Recently, overdue online loans will lead to the freezing of WeChat Alipay, which has caused heated discussion!

How many people who borrowed online loans were frozen with WeChat change, Alipay and bank cards?

The chairman of the China Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission said in a media interview: after the online loan is overdue and the debtor is included in the dishonest execution list, Alipay and WeChat may be frozen in addition to being restricted from high consumption;

That is to say, in addition to the account status of the banking system, Alipay, WeChat wallet and other online payment apps have also been included in the national network execution inspection system; It means that you can directly freeze and deduct account funds online without going through these third-party platforms.

How many people who borrowed online loans were frozen with WeChat change, Alipay and bank cards?

After strengthening the control, the borrowers who are judged as dishonest, in addition to the restrictions on high consumption that we normally know, are also controlled:

1. Bank and financial accounts under its name;

2. Internet financial accounts such as Alipay and WeChat wallet;

3. Synchronize the list of dishonest people with sesame credit,

It affects the application platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, Shenzhou Car Rental and Fun Installment, and in the network channels such as consumer finance, Ant loan, credit card, P2P, hotel, house rental and car rental;


Now WeChat and Alipay can be regarded as our wallets; Daily expenses, recharge and payment, investment and financing and other activities are directly completed on WeChat and Alipay; Now there are many frozen cases:


In fact, there is another situation. With the thunder of the lending platform, many borrowers are also victims; There are two reasons for the existence of online loans in the final analysis:

1. Due to the high yield and high return of online loan, the lender charged money on the platform and was used by online loan companies;

2. Many borrowers, who are greedy for the convenience of online loan companies, have been set up;

Under this structure, once the online loan companies suffer setbacks, many borrowers will be passively deadlocked.

At present, all aspects of supervision have strengthened the protection of lenders, and the adjustment of borrowers has not yet been seen; The borrower should not touch the online loan.

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