If Zhao Gou fully trusted and supported Yue Fei, could the Song Dynasty defeat the Jin State and unify China?

Impossible! Yue Fei’s best ending is the death of Fengbo Pavilion! If Yue Fei does not die, it is very likely to bring great disaster to the Chinese nation!

First of all, Yue Fei is a loyal minister. I declare that it is not to discredit our national hero, nor to overturn the case for Qin Hui. Please listen to me!

There can only be one supreme ruler in a dynasty, otherwise the change of the Eight Kings is a precedent. You also know the five chaos caused by the change of the Eight Kings, right?

Zhao Gouben, President Gao, had nothing to do with the throne. He was promoted to the throne only because of Huiqin and Zongbei Shou, in order to stabilize the overall situation! Just imagine, if Yue Fei succeeds in the Northern Expedition and Huiqin and his two brothers return, who will be the CEO of Song Dynasty? The Emperor Yingzong of the Ming Dynasty launched the change of seizing the door, which is the teacher of future affairs! After the restoration of Huiqin and Gaozong, are the ministers from the dragon willing to give up their rights? Like Qin Hui? Once the Great Song Dynasty broke out and the three emperors seized the throne, his external situation could not be compared with that of the Ming Dynasty. The external Jin, Xixia, Dali, Mongols and even Tubo were all covetous, so it is very possible to learn from the previous experience of the five disorderly Chinese! For the sake of the stability of the country, the Huiqin Seconds had to be abandoned, and Yue Fei’s banner was to recover the old capital and welcome the Huiqin Seconds back, so when he hit Bianliang, Zhao Gou recalled 12 gold medals a day!

Once Yue Fei recovers Bianliang, the former capital, Yue Fei’s reputation will be like the sun in the sky, and no one can kill him!

In addition, an important reason for Yue Fei’s death is to interfere with the establishment of the reserve, which is a taboo for military generals! Yue Fei may just kindly remind Zhao Gou to establish the crown prince, but as the emperor, he may have heard another voice. If I don’t make the prince you said to be the crown prince, would you like to make a change in Xuanwu Gate if you hold a heavy army?

As a great military strategist, Yue Fei undoubtedly lacks political intelligence. He works for the country and the people, but not for Zhao Gou. That is why he must die. His Northern Expedition will not succeed, because Zhao Gou won’t let it go, and Jin Wushu won’t want it!

Han Shizhong also held a heavy army, but he was able to seal a good end to the king. Qin Hui, besides Yue Fei, did not kill anyone else. He was also able to end his life as a prime minister! Qin Hui just did what Zhao Gou wanted to do but didn’t dare to sit down! Just like those eunuchs like Wei Zhongxian and Liu Jin! Did Qin Hui sell his country, sold it, but saved Zhao Gou’s life! As long as Hui and Qin live for one day, Qin Hui will continue to betray the country for one day!

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