An inconspicuous news, let’s see that Russian military industry is creating a new legend

The world is laughing that the GDP of Russia is not as large as that of Guangdong Province, but no one can underestimate the comprehensive national strength of Russia. On the surface, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is a war between Russia and Ukraine. In fact, Russia is fighting with more than 40 countries in the United States and the West on its own.

An inconspicuous news, let's see that Russian military industry is creating a new legend

If it were other countries, it would have been different. What is more terrifying is that after more than nine months of fierce fighting, Russia has become more and more courageous. There are endless high-precision missiles, endless unmanned aircraft, hundreds of thousands of follow-up troops ready to rush to the battlefield, and an increasingly strong ruble as a backing for the economy.

An inconspicuous news, let's see that Russian military industry is creating a new legend

In contrast, Ukraine has lost more than half of its population, the most industrialized and resource rich region of Ukraine, the world’s largest transport aircraft, An225, and the military industrial system to sustain the war.

Some of Ukraine’s lost military industrial capabilities are slowly recovering in Russia. In fact, this trend of ebb and flow has determined the outcome of the Russian Ukrainian conflict.

It has been reported by the media that the new heavy-duty gearbox used by the Russian 22350 missile frigate is produced by the Russian”Star” factory. The Russian side has admitted that this gearbox is a copycat version of the same type of product in Ukraine. This shows us what it means to”brave after knowing the shame”.

An inconspicuous news, let's see that Russian military industry is creating a new legend

Some people will laugh at Russia. After the collapse of the former Soviet Union and its independence, it has never produced such a high-power heavy ship reducer. Some people have even spent energy to calculate, pointing out that Russia is at least more than ten years behind us in the field of transmission systems for large and medium-sized surface ships.

But then what?

An inconspicuous news, let's see that Russian military industry is creating a new legend

Does anyone dare to ignore the Black Sea fleet without the cruiser”Moscow”?

Aren’t the marine engines we sell to Russia eliminated because of the frequent accidents caused by acclimatization?

It is only after the terrorist attack on Kerch Bridge in Crimea that we know that because of the wonderful bridge design in advance, traffic can be resumed within a few hours after the explosion attack;

When many people are still laughing at how many years Russia has lagged behind the world in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, the heavy losses suffered by the Ukrainian army and NATO mercenaries in Bakmut and Kampong regions have proved that Russia’s level of using unmanned aerial vehicles for combat can not be underestimated.

An inconspicuous news, let's see that Russian military industry is creating a new legend

While many countries are still learning from the United States to establish their own military systems with brigades and battalions as organizational systems, Russia has accepted the painful lessons of actual combat, boldly abandoned the combat system with brigades and battalions as the core, and let commanders with rich combat experience directly command class level combat through the backstage battlefield command system, so as to minimize the war damage directly A new battlefield command system that has been tested in actual combat.

We believe that there is no doubt that Russia is lagging behind in many aspects. Even Russians do not shy away, but its war potential is huge beyond your imagination.

An inconspicuous news, let's see that Russian military industry is creating a new legend

As a great man said during the October Revolution, there will be bread. As long as the Russians think it is necessary, they will try their best to own it and become an integral part of the whole war machine.

In the eyes of Russians, war is the best teacher, and plagiarism is not shameful, but failure is never allowed.

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