What are the symptoms of people with spleen deficiency? How can middle-aged people quickly replenish the spleen?

In middle age, people have to work hard to live, starve and eat, or drink for work, which inevitably hurts our spleen and stomach and causes a series of spleen and stomach discomfort

What are the symptoms of people with spleen deficiency? How can middle-aged people quickly replenish the spleen?

First, talk about the symptoms and pathogenesis of spleen deficiency:

1. Face: Spleen is blooming on the face.

2. Lip: spleen opening and lip, spleen deficiency, qi and blood biochemical passive, lip color pale white.

3. Tongue:Spleen-deficiency tongue has tooth marks, spleen-deficiency tongue has wet tongue, fat body, white and greasy fur.

4. Salivation: Spleen in liquid is salivation.Spleen deficiency will salivate (that is, drooling). Especially the patients with facial paralysis often salivate.

5. Digestion: the spleen is responsible for the transportation and upgrading of blood.The function of the spleen and stomach is decreased due to spleen deficiency, resulting in fullness of the waist and abdomen, and inability to complete the valley. If the food is not digested, the stomach will feel bloated and sometimes have a bad taste. The spleen is responsible for the rising of the clear, and the food that enters the stomach is decomposed (that is, digested). The fine substances (food nutrients) absorbed by the food are originally transmitted to the heart and lungs by the spleen, and then the heart and lungs transmit the fine substances (nutrients) to the whole body. But spleen deficiency, these fine substances (nutrients), can not be distributed upward, but can only be mixed with dregs (food residues) and go down with stool, and there will be porridge stool or watery stool, that is, spleen deficiency (wet) diarrhea.

What are the symptoms of people with spleen deficiency? How can middle-aged people quickly replenish the spleen?

6. Weight loss, children do not grow:Spleen deficiency can not transmit the fine substances (nutrients) to the heart and lungs, and distribute the whole body. If the body does not get the fine substances (nutrients), the body will lose weight. Children have spleen deficiency and poor absorption. The spleen is the foundation of the day after tomorrow. Some children will be shorter than their peers. Such children are also common in outpatient clinics. They usually do not want to eat, are picky about food, like to eat snacks, and do not grow up. Through regulating the spleen and stomach, the diet increases, and gradually becomes fat.

7. Stool:watery stool, porridge stool, or unpleasant stool, which sticks to the toilet 🚽。 It is caused by spleen deficiency that can not rise clear and fall turbid.

8. Bleeding: the spleen governs blood,spleen deficiency can not control blood, blood overflows outside the pulse, and there are various bleeding syndromes. If the blood overflows on the skin, skin purpura appears, the woman’s spleen does not regulate blood, and the menstrual volume is large, or the metrorrhagia occurs. There are gum bleeding, hemorrhoid bleeding, hemoptysis, hematemesis, etc.

What are the symptoms of people with spleen deficiency? How can middle-aged people quickly replenish the spleen?

9. Weak and sickly body: spleen is the foundation of nurture. Spleen deficiency and acquired loss of nourishment will reduce the body’s ability to resist external evil (immunity decline). They often catch cold, rarely have high fever, and recover slowly. I often get sick and recover slowly.

10. Spleen controls limbs and muscles 💪:Spleen deficiency can not nourish limbs and muscles, resulting in limb fatigue, muscle emaciation and weakness.

11. The spleen is determined to think:Thinking too much will hurt the spleen, spleen deficiency will not think about food, and eating will not taste good.

12. Pulse:Right Guan pulse is weak. (That is, the front end of the right upper limb is close to the undulation of the blood vessels in the medial high bone of the thumb)

What are the symptoms of people with spleen deficiency? How can middle-aged people quickly replenish the spleen?

1. Traditional Chinese medicine:

Treatment principles:Reinforce Qi and strengthen spleenPrescription and medicine:.

3. Exercise more:The spleen governs the limbs and muscles 💪, If the limbs are developed, the function of spleen and stomach will be strengthened. Exercise is the key to raising yang. When yang qi rises, the spleen yang will be vigorous and the spleen deficiency will be improved.

4. Pay attention to spleen and stomach health preservation:Don’t worry too much, eat less spicy and cool, drink less and don’t smoke 🚬、 Have a fixed meal and a fixed diet at a fixed time, don’t be hungry and have a full meal, and eat less snacks to protect the spleen and stomach, so as not to aggravate the spleen deficiency.

What are the symptoms of people with spleen deficiency? How can middle-aged people quickly replenish the spleen?

The above talk about the symptoms of spleen deficiency and the methods to replenish the spleen. I hope it can help friends, and wish them a healthy spleen and stomach, and a good taste

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